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How is Medical Tyranny Costing Lives in America and the World?

What are the medical truths on which Hippocratic Medicine is based that are being eroded today by government agencies, political agendas, big pharma, and big tech? How is medical tyranny costing lives in America and the World? What is truth, anymore?

You’re probably in search of that truth, as millions are being indoctrinated and lied to on a daily basis by the media elites and government bureaucrats. In this age of confusion and fear, where do you turn for answers you can trust? How can you find help to guide your decisions when you’re sick or want to stay healthy? What are the Universal Truths on which America as a nation was founded?

 Join DrLee4America to hear more on this inaugural edition of Truth For Health…The Rest of the Story on America Out Loud Talk Radio.

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