1. Thank you Dr McCullough, and everyone fighting for what is Right, Moral and Just.
    God Bless You & God Bless Texas.

  2. Hello Dr McCullogh
    I live in Australia and am extremely disappointed with the overall approach our governments and doctors are all adopting blindly – waiting on herd immunity to deal with this COVID19 virus.
    I was encouraged by watching your testimonial presentation to the Texas Senate HHS Committee and reading your published guidance regarding 3-tiered home treatment.
    Are you able to advise me whether you have contacts in Australia that I can communicate with to see if we can get your guidance out into the public arena.
    Is there an Australian equivalent to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons that are affilaited with?
    Mark Fisher
    (private citizen)

    1. It is a true tragedy what is happening to the citizens of Australia. Dr. McCullough has spoke before the Australian Parliament, and we will look for link to his video testimony if it is available and then post here. There are physicians and members of Parliament in Australia who are working with our C19 group but the small band of warriors has bee up against a juggernaut of medical censorship, lies and distortions. That is one of many reasons Truth for Health public charity has started the MEDICAL CENSORSHIP DEFENSE FUND (SEE LEGAL RESOURCES ON OUR SITE). We hope you will spread the word and support our campaign.

      1. Im also in Australia and its truly tragic what is happening here. Are there any further developments to your post or a link to the video Dr McCullough did to the Aust Parliament. I’ve had CFS for 40yrs and live a chemical free life as many everyday chemicals affect me so there is NO way Im going to have this so called vax.

      2. I will gladly become a donor to the Medical Cenorship Defense Fund. May the good Lord Jesus bless and protect you all.

  3. Thank you for all the work you all are doing. I have sent all your info to family and friends and veteran’s organizations in hopes that this will help everyone. Thank you again

  4. Thank you for your expert advice on every thing we would want to know about the treatments for COVID-19 and the vaccines. The media has not been very helpful, creating too much fear, promoting the vaccines as the greatest treatment to end the pandemic, disregarding the fact that it is not safe for everyone to take.

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  6. Thank you so much for this fantastic assortment of REAL medical help.!!! God bless you in all of your work.

  7. I live in British Columbia, Canada and our Public Health Officials are in total over-reach. Now telling parents of 5 yr. olds and up to register for their vaccine. Unvaccinated people are not ALLOWED to go to restaurants, fitness facilities, concerts, any gatherings – all now accessed with a Vaccine Passport. Federal Govt employees and All health care workers in most provinces must be vaccinated or lose their jobs. It is draconian. We cannot take any transportation, train, plane, if unvaccinated. Public health is not for public health. Doctors who transgress the promoted covid treatment are “removed” from their positions. People have lost their compassion. Masks are mandatory everywhere. Fear is the heavy hand. Thank you for your great courage, I do live with hope that goodness will prevail.

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