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Spotlight on the Collaboration of Government Agencies and Big Pharma Scientists

America and the world face extreme danger from the enormous power and weaponization of “the military-industrial complex” that President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against in his Farewell speech to the Nation at the end of his Presidency in 1961. This is the same danger that President John F. Kennedy warned about in 1963, shortly before his assassination.

PDF of Eisenhower’s Farewell Speech

Listen to part one of this special broadcast, Decades of Coordinated Big Pharma & DoD Databases Reflect Sick Agenda.

In Part II of The Whistleblower Report, our Legal team continues the exposé of DoD, DoE, and Pharma databases of multi-functional ways to kill humans and all life forms on this planet. These massive databases of over 500,000 gene mutations and nearly 20,000 pathogens have been unknown to the public, even though the “mad scientists” developing them have been escalating since the “population” summit of world leaders in Egypt in 1994 set their long-range goal of reducing the world’s population, and have focused on a wide variety of means of killing people.

International Disability and Insurance Law Attorney Todd Callender, Esq., and VAXXChoice researcher Lisa McGee, expose the tangled web of gene mutations, pathogenic organisms, radiological and chemical weapons in these massive databases that reveal mass contamination of our environment – soil, water, air, plants, microorganisms, insects, animals and our human bodies — diabolically created by these mad scientists playing “god” with all forms of life on this planet.

Our Whistleblowers have uncovered the “stockpile” of the databases that show the arsenal of bacterial, viral, fungal, chemical, and radiological toxins our own government agencies and Big Pharma scientists have been amassing to use against us. We The People, have to expose this weaponization of our agencies and the businesses that partner with this evil agenda, pressure our elected officials to investigate and prosecute the wrong-doers and unite to find ways to stop the damage.

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