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What the COVID Shots Do to Your Blood…and More

Nuclear cardiologist and physicist, Richard Fleming, MD, Ph.D., JD, reveals his shocking independent analysis of the actual damage to blood and healthy red blood cells from Pfizer’s COVID shots. The mRNA genetic material gets into the red blood cells and alters the structure of the hemoglobin molecule so that it cannot carry oxygen, which is critical to our survival.

The healthy red blood turns gray, and the damage is so severe that it can decrease the oxygen enough to cause heart and brain damage, and lead to death. This loss of oxygen with damage to the red blood cells, along with blood clots that block blood flow to critical organs, are two of several known causes of the “adult sudden death” syndrome affecting unprecedented numbers of adults and children worldwide.

Despite extensive data to show these and other causes of sudden death, the corrupt media and public health officials, along with many doctors, still deny the actual connections with the deadly damage from the experimental COVID shots.

Dr. Fleming’s current studies on the COIVD shots and the types of damage have documented rapid blood clotting after the COVID shots, amyloid infiltration of the heart leading to congestive heart failure, particulate contaminants in the vials of COVID shots that should not be there, as well as sodium chloride crystals, and high concentrations of lipid nanoparticles in the blood that cause inflammatory damage to organs throughout the body. What his studies have NOT found in the COVID shots is graphene oxide, “hydras,” “parasites,” or “micro-circuitry.”

Dr. Fleming also discusses that prion damage from the COVID shots has led to skyrocketing acceleration of brain damage and memory loss, often just called “Alzheimer’s.” The CDC has already confirmed 84,000 excess cases of Alzheimer’s deaths in the year and a half since the COVID shots were rolled out. However, doctors still fail to report this connection and continue to push more COVID “boosters” on unsuspecting elderly.

Dr. Fleming has been presenting evidence of the inflamed-thrombotic response and cardiovascular damage since 1994 and is one of the leading medical authorities on how COVID illness, and the COVID shots, intensify the damage from the inflamm0-thrombotic response that can lead to death.

For more information on these topics, listen to these presentations by Richard M Fleming, Ph.D., MD, JD Physicist, Nuclear, Cardiologist, Attorney:

To The State Attorney Generals & Governors. Honor Your Oaths!

What Are the Effects of the Pfizer Shots on Human Blood?

Richard M Fleming, Ph.D., MD, JD; Physicist-NuclearCardiologist-Attorney. Websites: and

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