COVID Treatment

Dr. Vliet describes how to reduce your risk of getting sick from COVID-19. She explains home-based early treatment based on medical studies. Learn ways to boost your immune system, access early treatment and reduce the risk of going into hospital.

WATCH the video below.


  1. Dear Dr. Vliet
    My husband and I watched your presentation tonight. We found it very helpful. Thank You!
    Joan and Steve Vertrees

    1. I agree…I feel less alone in my skepticism!
      However, as we are practically at gun point in NYC to get vaxxed, and by the airlines to travel, is the J&J vaccine safer for a woman in mid-60s as it doesn’t have the fearful mRNA component?

      1. Please see our VACCINE FACT SHEET under tab of PATIENT RESOURCES/FACT SHEETS. We address this question and explain that there is “class effect” of similar side effects for all of the available COVID shots to varying degrees. Whether they are mRNA or DNA-based, all of these experimental COVID shots trigger the body to make the spike proteins that cause inflammation and increased risk of blood clots. See the opinion issued by Arizona Attorney General on vaccine mandates (posted under vaccine news on our website) that explains under federal and AZ state law about what is legal regarding mandates. He clearly addresses the issue of airlines – and makes it clear that they are regulated under federal law and federal law does not allow them to mandate vaccines to fly.

        The other point to consider – a personal values decision: is there ANYWHERE really worth going to if you are coerced into an experimental COVID shot with very little safety data reported to the public, and a shot with potential risks to your health that could be permanent?

      2. The only way we’re going to win this thing is with law so it’s a successful one with filed in Ohio that prove there is no emergency so a second lockdown was abated. Contact and or see lawsuit filed by attorney Tom rims in Northern Ohio

  2. Thank you for this helpful information! I have had COVID is there anything I should be doing/taking to strengthen my body where it might be weak (this is a general question)? I’m guessing the supplements you mentioned should be continued. I’m also taking Claritin as I heard that is helpful too…
    Thank you again for this information! I plan to forward it to friends!

  3. Dr. Vliet,

    Thank you so much for being a person of integrity and a Doctor Who cares more about her patients and the people of America and the world. You have laid out the simple steps and have done so in a calm and composed manner. I have been looking at the NIH website, I’ve also been looking at the US Patent website to cross reference certain details of whether or not certain things could be real. That helped me very much be able to come to the conclusion that you were sitting here almost 8 months ago. I think you so very much and all the doctors who are part of the AAPS Group. I’ve been telling people about you since last January when you took your first stand and wrote to the CDC. You guys are incredible thank you so much for caring and for being the example of integrity that is needed to go spiritually mentally and physically recover from this and also begin to understand that there is another agenda going on here other than curing people. Our officials definitely have a different agenda.

    1. Dear Antonio Vega, Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes you are right I do care more about my patients and the people of the world than I care about following political dictates, and I will always stand on truth in medicine to the best of my ability even when it goes against the establishment or “party line.” I come from ancestors who left England, Scotland, and Wales because of religious persecution and survived the “starving times” at Jamestown, as well as those who fought against oppression in the first American Revolution. I have always fought for similar principles. When COVID hit, I could not sit back and let patients die on my watch if I could learn what I needed to learn to treat them. Then the more I dug into it, the more I saw that we were up against sinister political, economic, and control agendas – and the push to “do nothing” until people had to be hospitalized made me even angrier. I simply could not answer to God on Judgement Day at the end of my life if I had sat back and done nothing, as sadly we saw far too many doctors do. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the Lutheran minister put to death by the Nazis for speaking against the horrors of that time in Germany, said it best: “Silence in the face of EVIL is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. NOT to speak, is to speak. NOT to act, is to act.” I chose to speak out. I chose to ACT. I shall continue the fight, as we lead this Crusade of the Voiceless to bring TRUTH to the people of the world through our new public charity Foundation, Truth for Health! God bless you, and I hope you help us in the fight and spread the word! Dr. Vliet

      1. Hi Dr Vliet
        Sunday I was diagnosed with covid after feeling ill for a week. My O2 sats are 95 or 96. I have this chronic cough, but I have asthma too. Today I was medically advised to look into the monoclonal antibodies infusion. Do you recommend the usage monoclonal antibodies infusion?

  4. Dear doctor, thank you and GOD bless, the medication that you have mentioned have been removed from over the counter in London, England. I will start investing in the vitamins. Once again thank you.

  5. Thank you Dr. Vliet for your courage in advocating for all your patients.
    With truthful science, you covered all the bases in preventing and treating this pestilence. You have given all who hear your message hope, and rightfully you gave glory to God, our Great Physician!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, and I do believe God has guided my work in Medicine as a ministry to stand on His truth and sound research-based medical information to serve my patients to the best of my ability and judgment. I do believe we as physicians have a sacred duty to bring HOPE always, and relieve suffering, even when we cannot always “cure” someone. Ultimately, cures and healing are in the hands of our Great Physician, Jesus Christ. Dr. Vliet

      1. Love your comment giving Jesus glory.
        Please let me know how to contact you.
        Thank you Darlene Simmons

  6. Just watched your very informative video and hope many people will be able to utilize the information. Very concise and easy to understand. Thank you and God Bless You.

  7. THANK YOU for the work you are all doing, Dr Vliet. I’m wondering, which inexpensive or good-value oxygen treatment equipment should we look for?

    1. I have prescribed a HOME OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR for my patients who needed supplemental oxygen for various conditions, including COVID treatment. If Medicare criteria are met (medical evaluation), then Medicare typically covers these devices. Other patients simply buy or rent them (cash pay – not through insurance) from a reputable, certified Home Health supplier. The most widely used brands are CAIRE (AIR SEP, and other models), Respironics, and Inogen. You can check their products on the company websites.

  8. Excellent post! I found you through an article on Thank you for speaking TRUTH! Something the FDA and CDC don’t seem to do anymore. This is life saving information for those who take their health seriously. My trust is in Jesus Christ and I thank Him for the wisdom to keep my temple far away from the Covid frankenkill shots.

  9. Thank you very much for the information. God Bless you and your family. Can you tell me about shedding? Do individuals who have gotten the vaccine shed to individuals who have not gotten the vaccine? What happens to the individuals who have not gotten the vaccine from shedding?

    1. There is a podcast on “contagious vaccinous” (shedding) by Drs. Vliet and Hodkinson, posted on our podcast archive. Yes it is real. Not a new concept. FDA had information on this years ago, and well known in veterinary medicine as well.

      1. Can you tell us which podcast? I am having difficulty finding which one. Thank you for all you do!

  10. Hello! I have two questions…
    1. Do you also recommend starting hcq and azithromycin upon exposure, but before any symptoms.. more prophylaxis? For example if living in home with someone that’s been diagnosed – would it be good to begin?
    2. If you successfully stop the virus at an early phase… Can it be assumed it will stop and not progress to other phases?

    Thx so much!

    1. We cannot provide individual medical advice except to people who are established patients of one of our physician team members. As an educational statement generally that combines both questions 1 and 2, the worldwide data shows that the earlier treatment is started, the more successful it is to prevent serious illness, hospitalizations and deaths. As a matter of medical principle with many infectious diseases (including viral), starting preventive medication on exposure can reduce the risk of clinical infection and serious illness. Data from countries with widespread use of either HCQ or IVM once a week showed that people had generally a miniscule risk of becoming infected and progressing to other phases of the viral syndrome.

    1. Yes, inflammatory reactions affecting the eyes are occurring in three situations I am seeing clinically, and are likely due to the same mechanisms of spike protein-induced inflammatory damage:
      1. With the COVID illness if treatment is delayed past about 7 days of symptoms
      2. After the experimental genetic COVID shots that trick the body into making uncontrolled billions of spike proteins that are widely distributed throughout the body and cause inflammation and microthromboses (blood clots in small vessels, that can progress to larger and more dangerous blood clots causing heart, lung, brain and GI tract damage.
      3. In UNVACCINATED people in close contact (such as household family members) with those who HAVE been vaccinated and are thought to be shedding spike proteins (via skin pores, respirations, bodily secretions, stool). This is called “contagious vaccinosis” and is a known phenomenon. See my podcast on this with Dr. Hodkinson, archived on our website.

      Some of the same anti-inflammatory, anti-viral treatments we use for early COVID we are also using in the other two situations I listed above, and that is helping resolve the symptoms.
      Dr. Vliet

  11. Hello Dr. Vliet,
    Your video was done in a very professional manner, calm and factual which I sincerely appreciate! A bit of common sense goes a long way, I would hope that more people would think before acting on the advice of so called authorities with self serving motives. I am sorry to see so many health care professionals that are taking the mainstream line instead of taking care of their patients as you have done. How sad it is when your livelihood is threatened as they are doing today to so many.
    Thank you again!

  12. Thank you, Dr. Vilet. I am passing on your video on to my family. This is very powerful and empowering. You are doing God’s work in every way.

  13. Thank you so much for your bravery and truth and for the things people can do to help themselves❤️❤️May God bless you and protect you too and all that are following true science..thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank you for sharing and speaking out😘

  14. Thank you so much Dr Vlier. Here in Australia Drs are having to follow the Government narrative otherwise they lose their license to practice. Consequently it is difficult to access any help other than the vaccine. My Dr for example told me to stop listening to Dr Google when I asked him about Ivermectin and begged me to get the vaccine which I and my family refuse to do. They won’t/ can’t prescribe any alternative. Thankful we can independent of doctors access the vitamins you mentioned But where to turn next to access prescription medication you have shared seems impossible. Praying for a breakthru in our nation as fear and control has taken over. The unvaccinated are going to be excluded from certain freedoms come mid September. Bless you and thank you again for your heart of compassion and love . Sandra, Sydney Australia

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Sandra. Stand strong, and I do believe there is help coming as more people stand united against the medical tyranny happening in so many countries. My heart goes out to the formerly free people of Australia and Canada especially who have had their access to standard medicines shut down so much in the attempt to push people into only one option – an experimental shot that has many risks. See the new posts on vaccine injuries just from ONE WEEK in USA, and that likely represents only at best 1% of the actual damage. There are natural supplements that may help – check our our COVID early treatment guide on our website for some that we know are helping keep people from becoming sick enough to need hospital.

  15. I just like the valuable info you supply in your articles.

    I’ll bookmark your blog and check once more here regularly.
    I’m somewhat certain I’ll learn plenty of new stuff proper right here!

    Best of luck for the next!

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  17. Thank you Dr. Vliet, for your courage in speaking out. I have been following quite a few doctors who are trying to get the message out only to be silenced by the mainstream media and big tech. It’s unimaginable that people have lost the ability to think for themselves. No one has given any thought to the precedent being set by allowing these vaccines to bypass the required clinical and safety trials. Do you think we will ever return to vaccines being fully vetted? It is one thing for consenting adults to be vaccinated but quite another to allow our children and grandchildren to be subjected to their experiments. How do we stop this????

  18. Oh my goodness is this a wonderful video Dr. Lee… thank you so much for the common sense. I am very excited that I have the proper information from front line doctors to combat this nasty evil Chins virus. I am passing on your information to everyone on our FB page. Thanks again. Sue T.

  19. Thank you! I’ve been taking your advice well before you voiced it but when I tell people to do what you’re telling them to do, it falls on deaf ears… because I don’t have the credentials to say the same things. Now when I hear “who are you?” or “what makes you an expert?”, I can just send them here. God bless.

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