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  1. Truth for Health experts explain: The following are FACTS left out of the VCU website quoted below. VCU website only provided part of the story, with serious inaccuracies. Here is the REST of the story from Truth For Health medical and scientific experts:
    ALL COVID “shot” available in the United States are “genetic” agents. Genetic shots are either mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna) or adenoviral DNA (AstraZeneca, J&J). ALL of the genetic COVID-19 vaccines trick your body with mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna) or adenoviral DNA (J&J, AstraZeneca) into making the spike-protein in the organs of your body in an uncontrolled way in order to provoke an antibody reaction. It is this generation of spike protein that leads to inflammation and thrombosis (blood clots) in susceptible people in unpredictable ways.

    Evidence shows genetic material and the spike proteins generated by the vaccine penetrate ovaries, brain, spinal cord, nervous system, heart, lungs, intestines, kidneys, and also cross the placenta in pregnant women. But the FULL degree of distribution in each organ system has not been studied, which urgently needs to be done.

    Toxicologists report that observed and potential toxicities are a “class effect” with all 4 gene-based products since the data shows all four products in the USA lead to similar complications and injuries, as well as deaths.

    NO ONE KNOWS ALL the risks and side effects, or how long the adverse effects may last. Some experts are concerned that being exposed to the virus again may trigger worse illness (antibody-dependent enhancement syndrome, or ADE) than if you were never vaccinated. Many physicians are already seeing this in medical practices.

    COMMENT, to which the above is the position of the Foundation, based on best available medical evidence:
    From VCU website, which is different info than that provided in your factsheet:
    “Instead of using mRNA, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine uses a disabled adenovirus to deliver the instructions. This adenovirus is in no way related to the coronavirus. It is a completely different virus. Although it can deliver the instructions on how to defeat the coronavirus, it can’t replicate in your body and will not give you a viral infection. “

  2. I find it really odd the 3 men I had worked with was abosolutely against getting shot. They were not going to until the county where I worked at offered, I believe it was $1,500 to each if they got the two shots. All the time not getting the virus at all. Then after getting first and second shot, they suddenly got virus. Two recovered from virus, but one died suddenly from heart attack. “He did have a heart problem, and should never had gotten shot. Then the other didn’t recover from virus, and died. I must say he was having prior issues with blood clots in legs prior to getting shot. What I don’t understand is that they didn’t get sick the entire time they didn’t have the shot. It just really saddens me, the government has turned against its own citizens. They are probably not requiring vaccinations from the foreign “health professional” and I take that with extreme prejudice, because anybody can print up a diploma from some foreign country.

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