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Faith Over Fear – 8.25.2022

Biblical Prophecy Connections with Today’s Events.

Our guest speakers two Christian leaders with a Biblical world view on today’s events, and extensive international ministry experience giving them a unique perspective for this program. Our two guest speakers are not only Biblical scholars but also politically astute observers of world events and are both involved in presenting radio and other media programs on world events as well as their ministry outreach. We are excited to have both speakers for this program:

➢ Bill Wilson, Christian minister and Founder of Living Spring Church, the covering ministry of The Daily Jot. Bill is a Christian journalist, professional writer, and commentator on current events as they relate to the Bible and prophecy. With nearly 40 years experience, Wilson spent the first part of his career as an award-winning journalist. He then entered the realm of political and media consulting, serving Members of Congress and assisting with Presidential and other political campaigns. Thus, Bill intimately understands current events from a dual perspective—he’s been both the one who reports the news and the one who influences what is reported. Bill traveled the world, sharing with diverse audiences how current events relate to Biblical prophecy, and is the author of two books, including A Christian Parent’s Guide To Making the Internet Family Friendly and WARSHOD–Living Victoriously in the End Times. Bill has addressed audiences around the world regarding current events and how they relate to God’s word.

➢ Bill Koenig, White House Correspondent for more than 20 years and the founder of, the website for Koenig World Watch Daily, a unique news service from a Biblical perspective that provides readers a 365-day, year-round news service, with “front lines” information from the White House relevant to Israel and its role in the unfolding global drama. In 1996, Bill founded “Koenig International News” news service (, which now includes “Koenig-World Watch Daily” with constantly updated stories from a large variety of news sources. In early 1999, he produced the audiotape “Countdown 2000,” discussing ten major events to watch moving into the new century. He is author of “Eye to Eye – Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel,” which was revised and updated in July 2006 and August 2017. The book is in its 30th printing. In July 2016, he authored “Revealed – Obama’s Legacy.” Bill also writes a weekly 15-page news report called “Koenig’s Eye View from the White House,” that focuses on world news that is biblically relevant and White House news from a Christian perspective. He has been very active in both local and national Christian activities. He has attended 15 National Religious Broadcaster (NRB) Conventions. Bill has traveled to Israel 30 times and 36 other countries. He has been to 49 U.S. states. He graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Communications. We encourage our Faith Over Fear subscribers to read both The Daily Jot by Bill Wilson and World Watch Daily by Bill Koenig since both men collaborate to produce world news that is biblically relevant with a focus on Israel, the Middle East and the White House actions and policies that are shaping our world in significant ways. Both contribute to World Watch Daily news, with sources from major reputable news services from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, Cairo, Amman, Riyadh, Tehran, Baghdad, Moscow, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, as well as information from a vast number of contacts in strategic locations around the world.

In case you missed it:

Whistleblower Report of Illegal DoD Activity The memorandum alleges Department of Defense (DoD) has unlawfully administered Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) products (i.e., products authorized but not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)) as if they were fully licensed FDA approved products. Military members have not been allowed to exercise their legal right to refuse EUA products, despite the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) assertion that “Comirnaty-labeled” vaccines only became available for the DoD to order on 20 May 2022. Evidence also exists that the new “Comirnaty-labeled” products are not FDA approved in accordance with applicable laws.

Gender Dysphoria Exploitation and Malpractice Dr. Vliet presents the tragic case of a young man coerced into permanent gender reassignment surgery from male to female, which has now prevented him from fulfilling his long-standing dream of being a father – and a better role model for his children than the abusive father he had. Richard decided courageously to speak out publicly about his horrible ordeal at the hands of Kaiser Health System to help prevent such tragic outcomes for other patients. He goes on the record on America Out Loud with his attorney and his nurse and shares the truth of what his life has become since he was surgically castrated and now living with an artificially created “vagina” that has led to permanent medical complications and daily physical and emotional pain. This is the ongoing tragedy of a political agenda that puts ideology ahead of proper medical-psychiatric care and treatment in the push to change men to women and women to men in violation of basic biological facts and in violation of medical ethics and standards of care. It is also the story of a courageous attorney and military veteran who has taken on the challenge of this lawsuit to stop such monstrous abuse of other patients.

Covid Vax: The Culprit in Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Dr. Vliet’s radio show discusses the alarming rise in sudden deaths of young, healthy people following the COVID shots, and review the court-ordered release of 55,000 pages of Pfizer data that shows they knew these deaths and critical organ damages were occurring with the experimental gene therapy shots. The prideful arrogance and failure to warn the public by the medical profession, Big Pharma, FDA, CDC, NIH, Fauci, and other public

COVID VACCINE-INDUCED BRAIN INJURY with Dr. Vliet and Todd Callender

Dr. Vliet’s latest radio show is the tragic story of Ernesto Ramirez, Jr. who tragically died at just 16 years old, five days after the experimental Pfizer COVID shots. Dr. Vliet, and Nicole Landers, RN talk with Mr. Ramirez: “I am the father of Ernesto Ramirez Jr. I raised Jr on my own as a single father. When Jr. was born, my world changed for the best. I took the role of being his father with much pride and he was the center of my life. We were not rich, but everything we had was enough to get us through. When the news came from the media and the government that there was a “safe and effective vaccine,” we were told that everyone needed to get the vaccine for our health and to stop the spread. I decided to do the right thing and keep my son safe. This turned out to be the worst decision of my life. Suddenly, my son was dead, and I was planning his funeral.”

WND Exclusive: WHO’s monkeypox ’emergency’ gives it dictatorial powers. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D., shares science showing a small percentage of us actually at risk WHO’s Health Dictatorship Disguised as Monkeypox Public Health Emergency. Dr. Vliet’s July 23 radio show discusses the broad ramifications of the WHO declaration of the “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” (PHEIC)

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