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Faith Over Fear – 8.29.23 – The Looming Financial Crisis: Action Steps to Prepare Part II


Tory Aggeler, Senior Precious Metals Advisor, McAlvany ICA

What can you do to prepare for financial upheaval that is heading our way? What are steps to take for the health of your portfolio? What are the options for investing in gold and silver, as well as tax-advantaged strategies to keep more of your income and savings. Join us for this informative session as a follow up from August 22.  If you missed Tory’s incredibly informative overview of the financial threats we are facing, we encourage you to listen to the archive on our website to help set the stage for this week’s presentation. Tory is one of our most highly rated speakers in our Faith Over Fear series,  receiving rave reviews from participants for his presentation last week. You won’t want to miss this one!

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