Canada’s Wildfires: Climate Change? Or Arson and Ecoterrorism?

Media pundits and politicians blamed Canada’s massive wildfires on “climate change,” – but is this really the trigger?

“Climate change” is the globalists and politicians’ “buzzword” for every event we face in today’s world.

The Canadian media brazenly hides the fact that Canada has experienced a record number of documented arsons—fires deliberately set—and continue to, i.e., to the public that the fraud of “climate change” is to blame.

These coordinated criminal arson attacks are more accurately called eco-terrorism. Most of the fires in Canada didn’t seem to have natural causes or origins. Canada’s leaders across multiple Provinces have called for arson investigators to analyze the causes of these fires properly.

Where else have we seen this “natural” origin lie? Look no further than the SARS-CoV2 virus being developed in gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Virology lab in conjunction with payments from the US directed by COVID czar Anthony Fauci.

Major Mike Gary, a CBRN (chem, bio, rad & nuclear) expert with 25 years in the US military, discusses recent revelations in the more truthful alternative news sites that describe what Canada’s Provincial leaders did about the fires and what their next steps are to stop the expansion of these deliberately set fires and to investigate these mass criminal arson events properly.

See the links below for more information on the historical Canadian fire season.

  1. Satellite footage raises the possibility that arson, not climate change theory, to blame for Quebec fires – LifeSite (
  2. Nova Scotia RCMP blame arson for multiple fires – Rebel News
  3. Wildfires are destroying Quebec’s boreal forest, but what is the cause? – Rebel News
  4. 30 Tons of Explosive Chemicals Lost During Rail Shipment to California – The New York Times (

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