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Whistleblower Report – 2.16.2023

Army Sergeant Major COVID VAX-Injured Speaks Out!

Groundbreaking! Army Sergeant Major at the highest level of Army enlisted infantry combat leadership, Sergeant Major Jason Brunhoeber, speaks out on devastating COVID-19 vaccine damage that has ended his exemplary Army career and forced him into an early Medical Elimination Board. America, you must listen to the damage that this covid shot is doing to our fighting force. This is catastrophic in the implications for our national security and military readiness.

SGM Brunhoeber has served our Nation honorably for 19 years with multiple deployments overseas and has been in outstanding health his entire life. He has achieved the pinnacle of the Non-Commissioned Officer rank in the Army as a Sergeant Major. However, his health and military career all changed after he received the Pfizer COVID-19 injections. Listen in as he shares his account of the nightmare he’s been dealing with since.

These unlawful COVID-19 mandates have ripped through our Military Service Members, and tens of thousands have been unlawfully discharged, while others refused continued service, and exited early. This has created a retention, recruiting, and readiness crisis of our all-volunteer military force. SGM Brunhoeber is not a “one-off” case of CV19 vaccine injured, and there are untold amounts of damage that the Department of Defense refuses to recognize. Instead, they continue to drone on with “Safe and Effective,” even after military whistleblowers came out with the Department of Defense’s own data that shows there was a 1,100% increase in vaccine injuries after the COVID-19 injections were rolled out among our military in 2021. This COVID-19 vaccine has been criminal and fraudulent from the very beginning. Our Service Member should never have been mandated to take this injection, and anyone that dared speak up got destroyed, like 1LT Mark Bashaw and many others.

1LT Bashaw is an Army Preventive Medicine Officer stationed at the Army Public Health Center, who was Court Martialed after he brought protected communications about the substantial dangers regarding these COVID-19 injections, to his chain of command. He attempted to communicate the safety signals, which is his job, and got destroyed. He was threatened with Leavenworth imprisonment and sent to a Court Martial, where he was unlawfully convicted. He is still dealing with a conviction from the Court Martial, involuntary separation proceedings, and continued whistleblower retaliation. Join the Truth Team on The Whistleblower Report to hear the perspectives of these two leaders and their experiences of the past three years.

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