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Ohio Land Grab: EPA Under CERCLA Could Confiscate Contaminated Property

International attorney Todd Callender, Esq. exposes the legal framework in place that sets the stage for an EPA declaration of East Palestine, Ohio, and surrounding areas as a “Superfund” toxic site. Declaring the land and homes “contaminated” and uninhabitable and then ordering a mass evacuation of residents.

From the legal standpoint, the EPA is all-powerful in its confiscation authority under CERCLA, because the liability runs with the property in perpetuity. EPA attaches strict liability if a toxic release occurs – that means just because the event happened, the land can be confiscated; there is no requirement to prove intent to commit a crime of toxic release.

CERCLA is the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act enacted by Congress on December 11, 1980, and codified in 42 U.S.C. Chapter 103. CERCLA creates broad Federal authority to respond directly to releases or threatened releases of hazardous substances that may endanger public health or the environment.

Once an area is declared “contaminated” under CERCLA, private property is confiscated by the federal government, and people are forced to evacuate – as happened at Love Canal, NY, and Times Beach, MO, decades ago.

EPA’s absolute power is a chilling scenario of yet another government attack on private property and individual rights carrying out the three prongs of WEF Agenda 2021/Agenda 2030: elimination of private property, elimination of national borders/open migration, and depopulation.

For more on this topic: Superfund: CERCLA Overview – from EPA

Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR) – for Evacuation

Public Health Guidance Assessment Manual (PHGAM) – Part of ATSDR for Evacuation

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