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USAF Cadets Unlawfully Expelled for Exercising Constitutional Rights

USAF Academy cadets speak out about the unlawful expulsion from the Air Force Academy and the punitive abuse, 21-day isolation, and psychological trauma perpetrated by their commanders under the pretext of “quarantine.” That America’s sons and daughters who wanted to dedicate their lives to serving our country are treated no better than prisoners in jails is wake up call to all of us who face such illegal and unconstitutional actions – just for exercising our human right to refuse an experimental medical treatment with the COVID shot.

Their shocking stories should inspire all of us to stand courageously for our rights and unite to stop this medical tyranny. Their courage and faith under the “fire” of psychological abuse, social isolation, verbal abuse, and then abrupt dismissal from the Air Force Academy and finding a new way forward in their lives is a testimony to the best of the American spirit and our foundation of faith.

Their commandant should be ashamed – and held accountable for his despicable behavior towards such upstanding young Americans. Violations of the UCMJ gives all service members and cadets the right to refuse experimental medical treatment. The Air Force leaders lied to the cadets, telling them an FDA-approved COVID “vaccine” was available. To this day, NO FDA-approved COVID shot is available for any US service member or civilian.

Our guests are USAF Col. (Ret) Sandra Miarecki, PhD., also subjected to punishment and being fired as an Academy instructor for refusing the experimental shots; Former USAF Cadet Jeremiah Haymond, III, and Former USAF Cadet Alexis Rothe share their stories with our host, DrLee4Amercia.

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