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Major FAA Lawsuit and Biden’s Transhumanism September 12 Executive Order

Dangers to the flying public, and those on the ground in the event of an air disaster with a military or civilian plane crash are very real threats with the vaccine-induced damage to commercial and military pilots. Legal and Medical Whistleblowers have come forward with dire warnings to the FAA that have been ignored. Dire in-flight emergencies have skyrocketed since the COVID jabs rolled out, verified by the exponential rise in “Squawk 7700” events worldwide (see The United States FAA violated its own regulations in allowing these experimental shots to be mandated by commercial airlines and to allow Medical Examiners to approve non-FDA approved experimental shots with known toxicity and risk of death to be cleared on FAA Class I medical examinations for commercial pilots. Attorney Todd Callender explains the risks to the public, the legal warnings and violations, and the next steps in a major lawsuit against the FAA.

Attorney Callender and Dr. Vliet then explore the devastating invasion of human freedom and even our own freedom to think and act as autonomous human beings with the latest Biden Administration Executive Order to remake God’s design of human beings into a malevolent design by the global elite predators to control all of humanity, and ultimately lead to the deaths of millions of people in their depopulation agenda.  Attorney Callender shines a light on this diabolical plan as he explains Bill Gates’s intellectual property rights on a “people battery patent.”  

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