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Betrayed by Big Pharma: How Shoddy Manufacturing & Distribution Practices Put Lives at Risk

Truth for Health Foundation Whistleblower Report team reveals shocking information from BIG Pharma career insiders that are urgent for the public to understand – the information you take time to read NOW may save your life!

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP, GLP, GCP, GDP) standards and pharmacovigilance oversight have been flagrantly ignored by the SARS-CoV-2 injection manufacturers, and the FDA/EMA/MHRA has waved the evil jabs through, which is horrifying. The catastrophic death and disability happening to people around the world after receiving the COVID shots are directly related to US, European, and other countries’ regulators completely abdicating their safety and quality oversight function and duty to the public.

The latest publication by Alexandra Latypova on Trial Site News exposes several staggering conclusions about safety violations that apply in particular to the largest scale “production” batches.

  • Not a single vial tested had ingredients or doses that conformed to labeling requirements.
  • Some vials contained NO mRNA, and others contained massive doses far exceeding stated amounts…is this a cause of “sudden death” soon after vaccination?
  • 10,000 % variability in potency
  • frozen vaccines delivered to vaccination centers in an UNFINISHED state, which means “finishing” procedures had to be carried out on sites that were not equipped to do safely and properly.

The implausible scale of Pfizer mRNA manufacturing, based on documents received from FOIA requests, shows lot size shipments in the United States of up to 12 million doses, which means 900 liters of product per batch! Experts in manufacturing and distribution conclude that Pfizer is either combining batches, diluting to an unprecedented degree, relabeling older products, or something even more fraudulent since there is no way with current production capacity to reach that scale of production and maintain reliable safety or quality.

Whistleblowers conclude that the criminal enterprises involved with these experimental mRNA shots don’t seem to care what people get injected with and are knowingly and intentionally lying. With these new revelations, it is not surprising that these COVID shots have been ineffective in preventing COVID illness in those who received them. As one said, “Dose to dose lack of conformity is terrible at any time, but with an experimental product like this, it is at the nastiest end of pharma abuses.”

The even more ominous concern is the severe injuries and skyrocketing deaths seen worldwide in all age groups after the COVID shots. Doctors are still trying to determine how this occurs and why there is such individual variability in how damage occurs in people. Partial explanations may lie in the over 10,000% variability in potency among the vials tested.

And then there is this stunning revelation from pharma insider Hedley Rees from the UK: “Over a period of 40 years, Big Pharma has outsourced every physical activity it possibly could, until it has lost its ability to develop new drugs—drug development, manufacture, and distribution is now in the hands of third party organizations.”

In his INSIDE PHARMA article, Mr. Rees explains: THE ONE THING BIG PHARMA CAN’T OUTSOURCE—CULPABILITY. This extract is key: “Outsourcing manufacture can work so long as the development process and control are in the hands of the developer and the developer allows detailed instructions and specifications to be handed down to contractors and suppliers.”

Hedley goes on to give examples of the outsourcing of critical phases of drug and vaccine development, manufacturing, research, and distribution:

Another key point is the frozen vaccines (Pfizer/Moderna) are a gross breach of GMP; see INSIDE PHARMA: DIY FROZEN JABS BROKE PHARMACEUTICAL LAW

Their analysis of the dangerous and potentially life-threatening violations of safety and quality oversight in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of these mRNA gene therapy shots, and other pharmaceutical products, is a critical wake-up call to ALL Americans that we must hold our tax-payer funded regulatory agencies accountable for their gross failures to protect an unsuspecting public.

Adding credibility to the shocking revelations from our Whistleblowers is their extensive backgrounds as Pharma insiders:

Alexandra Latypova has a career in research, toxicology, analysis, and research design. She is a former pharmaceutical research and development executive who co-founded and managed several contract research organizations in pharmaceutical clinical trials. She worked for sixty major pharmaceutical clients, including Pfizer. These pharmaceutical clients were her research and development partners. The area of her focus has been safety assessments, what was done in the Covid shots, and especially what Pfizer tried to cover up. She looks at not only the safety assessments but regulatory compliance and has interacted with the FDA and worked on FDA and Industry consortiums who are putting together the approaches proper approaches to clinical trials. Since 2014 she has focused on independent research and investigation of the regulatory oversight breakdown as our own taxpayer-funded agencies have failed in their duties, and she has worked to expose fraud and corruption associated with the Covid countermeasures. She has been looking at the variability in manufacturing from lots to lots in these mRNA injections and why there is so much variation in adverse events and deaths varying with different lot numbers. Follow her research and publications on Trial Site News.

Hedley Rees, based in the United Kingdom. Mr. Rees has been providing consultancy on the development, manufacture, and distribution of drugs that are fully compliant with the GMP requirements of 21 CFR Title 21 since 2005 through his company,  PharmaFlow. Prior to that, he spent 16 years in senior roles in Big Pharma (Bayer) and 10 years in biotech (British Biotech, Vernalis, and OSI Pharmaceuticals (now Astellas). Mr. Rees also authored Supply Chain Management in the Drug Industry: Delivering Patient Value for Pharmaceuticals and Biologics for Wiley, NJ, in 2011.  His expertise is in the area of anything to do with manufacture through the three phases of clinical trials (and preclinical if required) and ongoing distribution of the commercial supply.  Where regulations have been breached, he has a duty to bring this to the attention of regulators, as has been happening with the frozen vials of COVID shots that were shipped only part-way finished.  Follow Hedley Rees on his Substack column, INSIDE PHARMA, where he shares all he can to expose the lies and deceptions that are costing lives and jeopardizing public safety. Watch his interview here:

Janci C. Lindsay, PhD., Toxicologist, Molecular Biologist. Director of Toxicology and Molecular Biology, Toxicology Support Services, LLC. Dr. Lindsay is a Toxicologist and Molecular Biologist with over 30 years of scientific research experience. She regularly consults as an expert witness in legal matters relating to the toxicity of chemicals, biologics, and particulates, as well as consults on biological mechanisms of action pathways in varying cancers and lung diseases. She helped to develop what was meant to be a temporary contraceptive vaccine (the Zona vaccine) in the 1990s that is now used as a sterility vaccine for animals due to its elicitation of auto-immune ovarian destruction. She regularly researches and warns about the potential for acute and long-term reproductive toxicity of these shots and is known for her early and public warnings to the CDC ACIP committee that these shots could “sterilize an entire generation.”

Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Worldwide, Respiratory Pharmacology, and product development. Dr. Mike Yeadon is now one of the few senior pharma executives speaking out about the dangers of the experimental COVID shots. Dr. Yeadon has a thirty-year career in research and development and product development. He has been a courageous Whistleblower since the fall of 2020, warning about the damage to pregnancy development with the spike protein similarity to critical placental proteins needed to establish and maintain pregnancy. He is Chief Scientific Advisor to Truth for Health Foundation and has testified as an expert in vaccine damage in international, UK, and US courts.

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