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Meet the Homeschooled Gen Z Leaders Fighting for Freedom

A common question of the day is – “Is there any hope for our youth?” With a silver spoon in their mouth and a screen in hand, Gen Z, also known as the iGeneration, is often thought of as selfish, hopeless, and incapable of any laudable accomplishment.

Today’s show presents another angle that counters this stereotype, featuring two young ladies who represent an expanding field of young leaders ripe for the harvest. Our hosts Dr. Monique Robles, pediatric intensive care specialist and bioethicist, and Nurse Nicole Landers are joined by Anna Gary and Kristina Parker – two enthusiastic, hope-filled, homeschooled adolescents who are on a mission to alter the treacherous course that America is on by opening a Turning Point chapter in Maine.

They are educating themselves and others to take on the propaganda of lies infiltrating our schools and institutions. By encouraging civil debate and standing up for free speech, these young women display the courage and perseverance necessary to counter the cancel culture that is attacking life, family, and liberty. They are an inspiration for people of all ages by revealing how just one or two voices can make a worthy impact.

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