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Groundbreaking Criminal Case on Vaccine Damage Filed Against Swiss President

Because he and his family were harmed by the experimental COVID shot, and based on false statements to the Swiss people, Pascal Najadi as one citizen outraged by the deception and lies, filed criminal charges with his local police for under the Abuse of power provisions of Article 310 of the Swiss Criminal Code. The Charges were brought against Swiss President Alain Berset, Switzerland’s former Minister of Health. Following Pascal’s criminal complaint to the police, which he says is the duty of all Swiss citizens to report a crime.

The Attorney General of Switzerland has now launched an investigation into the President of the country. As a strong Christian, Pascal believes he was chosen by God to lead this fight for his country, and said, “I believe 2023 will be the year Absolute Truth prevails.”

This is a LANDMARK case, the very first in the world against a sitting head of state, that will have ramifications around the world. Pascal said in our interview he knows the current Swiss AG personally, and sincerely believes the Swiss AG will have the courage and integrity to lead a thorough investigation.

Pascal has had a distinguished career as a major Swiss investment banker advising heads of state for Central Asia, Central Europe, the Russian Federation, and Africa. Pascal shared in our interview he was born in Switzerland, and his Swiss mother, Heidi Anderhub-Minger, is related to Rudolf Minger, the President of Switzerland prior to World War II. Pascal’s father, Hussain Najadi, who was tragically assassinated in Kula Lumpur in 2013, was a Persian-Bahraini international banker and business developer.

Pascal said he believes his father was assassinated for reporting corruption in Malaysia. Hussain was an initial member of the European Management Forum that met in Davos, and this group later became the World Economic Forum (WEF). Later, (1987), Hussain Najadi ended his affiliation with the group led by Klaus Schwab over serious concerns about their real agenda. There will be a follow-up interview on The Whistleblower Report airing on Feb 14.

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