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The Church in America MIA in the Battle Against Evil

The Christian Church in America has been MIA in the battle against the evil assault on God’s gift of life and freedom during the last three years of the COVID pandemic. When churches closed to worship at the direction of the government, and many became vaccination centers at the direction of the government pushing experimental gene therapy shots, they ignored Biblical principles that were the cornerstone of America since the first settlers arrived on the shores of American seeking freedom to worship without government control.

Nurse Nicole Landers, military veteran Major Mike Gary, and physician Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD discuss what Christians need to do to re-focus on God’s Word, speak out, and stand up against the Corporatization of the Church answering to Government dictates instead of our Christian duty to God’s Truth, the divinely-inspired US Constitution and our religious freedom.

Not to speak in the face of evil is itself evil. This is a call to ACTION in faith as Christians against the sin of silence when our God-given life and liberty are threatened. For further reading in God’s Word in support of our Call to Action, the Faith Report team recommends Matthew 21: 12-22, II Timothy 3: 1-9, the Book of Joshua, Numbers CH 13-14, and Mathew 7:13-14.

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