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The Tide of Aggressive Wokism in US Military Academies

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Sandra Miarecki, fired from the Air Force Academy in September 2022 for standing up against the illegal COVID shot mandates for the students, exposes the damages and dangers of the “aggressive wokism” invading our military service academies at an accelerated pace under the Biden Administration. Now officially retired from her illustrious military career as a pilot, instructor pilot, and eventually, test pilot after graduating from the Test Pilot School at Edwards AFB, Dr, Miarecki is now active in the patriot community to take our country back from corrupt global predators determined to destroy our Constitutional Republic as one Nation Under God.

Lt. Col., Dr. Miarecki is originally from northern Illinois and has always wanted to be an astronaut and live on the Moon. She was valedictorian of her high school class and graduated with top honors from the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana with a degree in astrophysics, while completing the Air Force ROTC program. After her career in the Air Force as a pilot, she retired in 2007 with 20 years of service and went back to college to finish her Ph.D. in particle physics at the University of California Berkeley. Her goal was to teach physics at the Air Force Academy, and she fulfilled this goal when hired in Jan 2016. She taught physics at the main Academy for 4.5 years before transitioning to the Preparatory School at the Academy just as Covid got started.

Lt. Col. Sandra Miarecki knew that all the mandates were illegal and was helping people with religious and medical exemptions, both students and faculty and civilians off base. Eventually, she was fired from the Academy in Sep 2022 for standing up for the students and is now retired from military service.

Our Host today is Rob Green, a United States Naval Academy graduate, and now a Navy Commander and volunteer on the Military Advisory Council for Truth for Health Foundation.

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