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Faith Over Fear – 9.20.2022

Transhumanism on Steroids: Impact of Biden’s Executive Order

Steve Smith, PhD, Author of 30 Days to Christian Meditation. The global elites, working with Big Tech, Big Pharma, and major military researchers, have been quietly advancing Transhumanism philosophically and technologically for decades. Transhumanism is now being forced upon us with the Biden Administration’s latest executive order coupled with the roll out of gene therapy “COVID shots known to be capable of alter our human genome.

Powerful international organizations (WHO), defense agencies (DARPA) and Big Tech are all pushing ahead at full speed to “enhance” and “transform” human beings into superhumans, though they don’t know exactly what the end result will be.

Will we be more human than machine? More machine than human? Genetically altered into something “post human?” They can’t say, but we are supposed to trust them that whatever it is will be wonderful. We all saw how these same powerful international global elites and organizations dictated interventions in the COVID pandemic that did nothing but cost millions of lives around the world while they worked non-stop to suppress anyone offering early treatment to save lives.

In our Faith Over Fear program this week, we’ll continue our exploration of transhumanism, and the ways it is corrupting God’s design of human and other life on this planet, as wellas the technology that allows the transhumanism agenda to invade our lives at “warp speed.”

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