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Legal Victory Against New York Governor’s Secret Quarantine Camps


The highly secret, totally unconstitutional forced quarantine indefinite detention regulation promulgated by New York Governor Hochul and her appointed Department of Health Director has been struck down by the New York Supreme Court in a monumental ruling by Justice Ron Ploetz.

DrLee4America discusses this attempt at the totalitarian control of New York citizens and the legal warrior who singlehandedly fought back against this massive attempt to weaponize a public health response and deprive New York residents of their basic rights and due process.

Governor Hochul’s power grab has been barred from both enforcement and re-issuing the regulation. Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James have filed a notice of appeal. They appear to realize that to file the appeal before the key November 8 election would be political suicide since no appeal has yet been filed. If this new law disguised as a “regulation” were really of benefit to New Yorkers, they would have filed an appeal before the election.

That they are delaying simply is further confirmation of the diabolical intent to usurp citizens’ rights and implement total control of who gets detained for “quarantine,” where they are kept and under what conditions, and for how long. 

Governor Hochul’s “regulation,” which carried the force of law and could be carried out by police and sheriffs, appallingly had several Machiavellian provisions:

  1. No proof of contagious disease was required – simply being suspected of having a contagious disease was all that would be needed.
  2. ALL physicians in New York would be required to report suspected cases of contagious diseases to the authorities for people to be taken from their homes into a state-specified and controlled quarantine camp.
  3. All conditions of quarantine would be controlled by the state: where, how long, what contact would be allowed (imagine no cell phone, no internet, no contact with family, etc.), and the duration. No time limit was given.

Senator George Borrello was the lead plaintiff who stood up to fight against this dictatorial takeover of public health. He was joined by Assemblymembers Michael Lawler and Chris Tague as well as the organization, Uniting NYS. Senator Borrello said in a press release: “the notion that the government could require individuals to isolate in temporary housing or a detention center, with no due process, and no evidence of being a proven threat, is troubling and reminiscent of how some authoritarian regimes responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and throughout history.” 

Assemblymember Christ Tague said, “It is truly frightening that a policy as consequential as this is racing through the rulemaking process. This policy’s aim is to forcibly isolate law-abiding citizens is reminiscent of some of the ugliest tyrannical regimes history has ever known. It has no place standing as law here in New York, let alone anywhere in the United States.”

This legal victory gives us all an inspiring role model for what ONE person can do with enough fire and determination not to give up. Attorney Cox was literally David against the Goliath of the entire state of New York power and taxpayer funds – yet she won!

Her victory gives all of us hope that we can prevail against the evil, tyrannical agenda being perpetrated on America. Help defeat the tyranny in New York before it spreads to the rest of America – get involved to help these courageous defenders of our core human rights. 

You can follow Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox at https://attorneycox.substack.com, and you can support her work at www.CoxLawyers.com or support her quarantine camp lawsuit here: www.unitingnys.com/lawsuit

The Court’s decision can be read here: https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/fbem/DocumentDisplayServlet?documentId=t7H9MItLf4J8I/BiLeCKTw==&system=prod

More details about the case can be found here: www.UnitingNYS.com/lawsuit


OAN: https://rumble.com/v1edxh3-n.y.-victory-on-secret-quarantine-camp.html

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Image: Bloomberg

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