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Faith Over Fear – 5.12.2022

MAY 12, 2022 – JULY 28, 2022

THURSDAYS AT 8pm ET. 7 pm CT, 5 pm PT for NEXT 3 MONTHS due to short time we have to help people prepare for next “pandemic”. Dr. Vliet moderating, with guest speakers each week.

  1. MAY 12: WHO and Global Tyranny: Citizen’s Legal Defense Strategies. International attorney Todd Callender. Discussion of assault on constitutional rights with US sovereignty being turned over to WHO, and the many ways people can fight back without having to get an attorney, such as filing criminal complaints, peaceful resistance, organizing in our communities, combating vaccine passports, changing to cash, and other strategies.
  2. MAY 19: Preparing to Navigate the Minefield of Fear. Lt. Col./Dr. Peter Chambers, former Green Beret combat physician. Training civilians in combat strategies (mental, physical) used to train soldiers to overcome fear in combat.
  3. MAY 25: Part I: Connecting the Dots: COVID-19, Vaccine Injury, 5G and Hemorrhagic Fevers. Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD presents “big picture” of clinical symptoms overlap, common approaches to effective treatment options and how to plan your home survival kit with prescription medicines.
  4. JUNE 2: Part II: Connecting the Dots: Electromagnetic Radiation, including 5G and Your Health. Drs. Vliet and Chambers provide overview of categories of damage to the body, and discuss integrated treatment approaches. EMF experts from the US and Scotland will speak on the science of radiation effects.
  5. JUNE 9: Part III: Connecting the Dots: Treatment Options You Control. Foods, OTC supplements, nutraceuticals, lifestyle, osteopathic therapies. Nicole Landers, RN, Kathy K, exercise physiologist/nutrition coach, and Dr. Vliet.
  6. JUNE 16: Part IV: Connecting the Dots: Bringing NASA’s Universal Antidote to Your Door. Nicole Landers, RN, BSN, LNC, Dr. Vliet and our consulting chemist
    ©Truth for Health Foundation 2022 www.TruthForHealth.org page 2
    from Mexico who has been using CDS will speak to the chemistry, safety and science of the environmental and medical uses of chlorine dioxide.
  7. JUNE 23: Part V: Planning Your Survival Kit for Chaos Ahead (COVID, 5G, Food Shortages, and more). Dr. Vliet, Dr. Chambers, Nicole Landers, Kathy K: Discussing specific strategies for long-term food/water supplies, resources, techniques such as waterglassing eggs, etc. Dr. Chambers to present basics soldiers are taught and include how to do a Home Threat Assessment and Home Preparation.
  8. JUNE 30: Part VI: The Biblical Basis of Self-Defense –Pastor Sam Rohrer, President American Pastors Network to co-host this program with Dr. Vliet. Content based on the Bible study materials and on Dr. Vliet’s earlier program on “gun control and health care control are totalitarian tools for people control.” Will include discussion of roles of pastors in first American Revolution to LEAD their flock and take up arms to fight for liberty as God’s gift, and how many pastors today are abdicating Biblical duty in capitulating to government tyranny – the opposite of America’s founding principles.
  9. JULY 7: Part VII: Is Your Money Safe: Control Your Financial Destiny Todd Callender, and other financial experts. Returning to cash-based economy. Reducing threats to your finances from the push to “digital currency.”
  10. JULY 14: Part VIII: Homesteading Techniques for Self Sufficiency with Navy CDR Rob Green (co-host with Dr. Vliet), Rob and Jessica Barr from Barr Family Ranch, AZ small family ranchers (who provide food for a family of 10 as they raise vegetables, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, pheasant and turkeys on a 3-acre family ranch). They also share their story of COVID survival at home with early treatment, and the tragic loss of a parent denied treatment in the local hospital.
  11. JULY 21: Faith Over Fear – The Biblical Messages for Today – How Does the Bible Prepare us for what is happening, and how to strengthen faith and find resilience in adversity.
  12. JULY 28: Geoengineering Assault on God’s Creation: What You Need to Know. Discussing Agenda 2030 goals from the globalist playbook to eliminate private property, eliminate individual rights, reduce the world’s population, and control people through a one world government and genetic engineering.

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