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Army Court Martials Medical Officer For Doing His Job

DrLee4America, host of Truth for Health…The Rest of the Story the media refuses to tell you, interviews Army First Lt. Mark Bashaw, a US Army Preventive Medicine Officer, in a follow-up story on the long ordeal and continued punitive actions following his court martial for doing the job the Army hired him to do: warn Command of potential threats to the health and readiness of the troops.

Lt. Bashaw is under federal whistleblower protections under Title 10 USC § 1034 as one of nine officers from four military branches who filed on August 15, 2022, their Whistleblower Report alleging that the Department of Defense has unlawfully administered Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) products (i.e., products authorized but not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)) as if they were fully licensed FDA approved products.

This report outlines the DoD’s unlawful execution of its August 24, 2021, mandate for all service members to receive an FDA-licensed COVID-19 vaccine. The report explains that as of September 1, 2022, no fully-licensed product for SARS-CoV-2 is available to administer to service members. It is unlawful to mandate or coerce American citizens to use EUA products.

The memorandum alleges Department of Defense (DoD)… Military members have not been allowed to exercise their legal right to refuse EUA products, despite the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) assertion that “Comirnaty-labeled” vaccines only became available for the DoD to order on May 20, 2022. Evidence also exists that the new “Comirnaty-labeled” products are not FDA approved in accordance with applicable laws.

Read the full report here: https://www.truthforhealth.org/2022/08/whistleblower-report-of-illegal-dod-activity/

Read the Full Executive Summary here: https://www.truthforhealth.org/2022/08/dpt-of-defense-legal-violations/

PLEASE help us get the attention of CONGRESS! SIGN THE PETITION here: https://chng.it/s2MkK74bCZ

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See Compendium Article: Written Stories from Injured Service Members: A Message to House and Senate from DoD Pilots to Members of United States House and Senate: As the Department of Defense continues to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine, a clear and concerning trend of vaccine-induced injuries has become apparent across the force. As more vaccine injuries are discovered, it is apparent that the vaccine poses a great risk to our Nation’s Security both by forcing the loss of highly qualified service members and causing potentially career-ending or life-threatening injuries to those who remain in service.

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