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Viral Diversity and the Pandemic Response

by Dr. Peter McCullough | Jul 16, 2021 

There are multiple reports that fully vaccinated groups in the hubris of their newly gained freedoms are coming down with COVID-19, this time with the Delta variant. This mutant strain was born in India in response to evolutionary pressure that promoted a base pair changes from the original alpha variant out of the UK. 

The HMS Queen Elizabeth reported an outbreak of 100 COVID-19 cases among 3700 fully vaccinated, socially distanced, and masked sailers. Many were detected by unnecessary asymptomatic testing which is not approved by regulatory authorities and not sanctioned by the WHO. The lessons prove that the military should reserve testing for only sick sailors and not put any stock on the vaccines as they clearly have failed. 

Fortunately, Delta is mild and very manageable if treated early at home in high-risk individuals or those presenting with severe symptoms. Why did the vaccines fail so quickly?

>. First, the genetic vaccines are all coded to the original Wuhan wild-type spike protein. That strain has been extinct for months now. 

>. Second, mass vaccination when it hits >25% of the population, begins to promote latent variants to become predominant and the overall flora of mutant strains to become less diverse. 

For example, about six months ago in the US, we had about 14 strains according to the CDC. Now we have only about six strains, with the rising Delta expected to become super dominant. Since Pfizer, Moderna, and JNJ provide no coverage for Delta, we can surely expect more cases but the public may be blinded to reality. 

This spring after the CDC was overloaded with >10,000 vaccine failure cases with full-blown COVID-19 after being completely vaccinated, the CDC notified Americans it was only going to track and report COVID-19 in the unvaccinated. This was a giant blunder since there is a great need to study why the vaccines are failing in order to plan for boosters or better technological vaccines. 

In this week’s McCullough Report we interview Daniel O’Connor, JD, who is the founder and principal of TrialSiteNews which is an innovative company offering regulatory and clinical trial services to the pharmaceutical industry as well as a valuable publisher of key scientific updates on a variety of topics including COVID-19. With the Trusted News Initiative overt censoring of valid scientific information on early treatment and vaccine safety, TrialSiteNews is among the few places that viewers can go and get accurate and well-referenced medical information on the pandemic. 

We also have a courageous interview with Dr. Sam White who is a young medical doctor in England who saw things going wrong in the pandemic response and has fought to save his patients and his career against all odds in the tide of the pandemic.

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