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Faith Over Fear – 04.23.24 – 911 Truths from Pilot Capt. Dan Hanley

APRIL 23: 911 Truths from Pilot Whistleblowers Speaker: Capt. Dan Hanley Captain Dan Hanley is a retired US Navy and commercial airline pilot who has flown airplanes his entire working life, first as a civilian, then as a US naval aviator and finally as a United Airlines pilot. Over the course of a 35-year aviation career he flew 15 different aircraft acquiring over 20000 flight hours. He has been a courageous whistleblower since the September 11, 2001 attacks and has paid a high personal and professional price in his efforts to bring truth to the American people and the world. Our program April 23 is his story, and the story that our government has covered up – all of which ties into the tyranny and attacks on our lives and freedoms carried out under COVID. You won’t want to miss this program live, so you can ask your questions with Capt. Hanley directly.

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Capt. Hanley currently serves as director and international public spokesperson for an independent global grassroots effort called 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers ( You can follow him on Twitter @DanHanley4 and on YouTube at 911pilots. Captain Hanley resides in Islambad, Pakistan with his Pakistani wife where they have lived the past 14 years

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