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Faith Over Fear – 04.30.24 – Richard Gage, AIA “The Astounding Parallels of 9/11 & COVID

 It has become critically important to go back and review the evidence that clearly demonstrates the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon were a govt orchestrated “inside job” to carry out a broader agenda because it has become abundantly apparent that COVID used same playbook and tactics carried out with the 9/11 attacks as well as other false flag operations in recent history. Our expert speaker will discuss these parallels in two fast-paced programs April 30 and May 7 with hard evidence and abundant graphics to unequivocally document the startling set of parallels between the 9/11 attacks and COVID tyranny unleashed on America and the world. 

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Part I will address the playbook tactics used in both 9/11 and COVID: creating fear as the weapon to control people, false “science” to support the narrative, foreknowledge of the event, presenting “solutions” far worse than original problem; false information to the public from government officials, censorship and extreme control of narrative. PART II will discuss an additional 5 different tactics the government used in their playbooks for both 9/11 and COVID. These are programs you don’t want to miss!

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