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US Army Punitive Actions on Religious Accommodation Requests

Army high command continues to persecute and retaliate against service members of faith who sought religious accommodations (RAs) for the experimental COVID shot. Whistleblower Army Capt. Kelly Cruthirds brings to light ways in which Army higher command pressures those under their command to, in effect, violate UCMJ regulations for handling religious accommodation (RA) requests for exemptions from the experimental COVID shots, and also violate federal law (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) in denying exemptions based on violations of conscience.

Capt. Cruthirds diligently did her duty under those regulations to carefully and individually consider each soldier’s RA request, including relying on Army Chaplain’s assessment as well as her own individual interviews with each soldier. But at the Brigade command level, her command tried to coerce her into changing her reports to add language that did not reflect her sincere opinion and to recommend denial of the RA requests.

Capt. Cruthirds courageously stood her ground and refused to change her recommendations for approval of the RA request simply to meet a political agenda. This interference with the individual evaluation required by law actually undermined the independent review process required. After she notified command she did not intend to change her reports, she was punitively transferred soon after. She does not believe the actions associated with the COVID mandates have been consistent with the US Constitution. As a result of seeing the lack of integrity and adherence to rule of law from her superiors, she left the military rather than work under a Command that did not follow the US Constitution they took an Oath to serve.

Once again, we see how military service members with critical thinking skills, who take their Oath to the US Constitution seriously, are being purged from the military for this political agenda of a “shot in every arm” regardless of the damages done to military fitness and readiness and America’s national security.

America, wake up! Our military defends us, we must defend them and their rights.

Our co-host today is US Navy Commander Liv Degenkolb, a volunteer Military Advisory Council member with Truth for Health Foundation, and currently on active duty. For more on Department of Defense violations of law:

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