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Faith Over Fear – 04.02.24 –  National Security Update with Ed Haugland, National Expert in Cognitive Warfare

USAF Veteran Edward Haugland is the author of The Cognitive War: Why We Are Losing and How We can Win, published in August 23, 2023. For our April program, Mr. Haugland will cover two important national security related issues from his perspective and experience over 4 decades serving at multiple Intelligence Community and Department of Defense agencies at the highest levels.

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• Discussion of strategic issues related to the Dali collision with Francis Scott Key Bridge leading to the bridge collapse and closure of the Port of Baltimore. What are the national security and supply chain implications for America?

• Discussion of “The Army War College’s TRANS…gression! Did They Violate Our Civil and Constitutional Rights?” involving his personal experience. If our senior officers at the AWC are willing to violate one’s constitutional and civil rights, what is to stop them from obeying an illegal order to fire on innocent civilians demonstrating those rights?

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