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Faith Over Fear – 6.30.2022

TOPIC: Defending Life: The Biblical Basis of Self-Defense

TOPIC: Defending Life: The Biblical Basis of Self-Defense

Following the historic Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, and as we head into America’s Independence Day celebrations July 4, Dr. Vliet discusses America’s core founding Christian principles that life is God’s gift, not the government’s. Defense of life is actually a Biblical duty. America’s founders saw the First and Second Amendments as the protections needed to defend God’s gifts of life and liberty, and are seeing in real time how the current administration is attempting to further restrict Americans rights on both of these Constitutional guarantees. In addition, totalitarian governments have always sought both gun control and health care control as the tools for people control. We have been seeing the loss of life during the COVID years as governments around the world restricted access to effective, safe, early home treatment. Pastors in first American Revolution against tyranny were the ones to LEAD their flock and take up arms to fight for liberty as God’s gift. Yet we have seen many pastors today are abdicating Biblical duty in capitulating to government tyranny – the opposite of America’s founding principles. 

What does the Bible say about self-defense? What do the scriptures say about using lethal force for protection of our loved ones, our homes, and our God-inspired country?

Join us for another powerful Faith Over Fear Seminar and learn more on these crucial principles on which America was founded.!

This week’s Speaker: Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. Preventive and Climacteric Integrative Medicine physician and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation, and long-standing opponent of intrusions on all of our core freedoms, who spoke out early on against government control of medical care and tracking gun ownership in medical records with the government’s health information technology (HIT) legislation buried in the TARP law in February 2009.   Dr. Vliet has been a powerful voice for more than 38 years in medicine for preservation of our Judeo-Christian principles that founded this nation, and the preservation of life and the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship without government intrusion.

The first hour presentation will be followed by Live Q&A for participants to ask questions.  Recording will then be archived on for replay of all our past seminars.

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