Biden’s Decimation of US Military: The Purge Continues

Military mandates and shadow policies have not gone away, in spite of Congress generating politically useful publicity by rescinding the COVID shot mandates. The Biden administration’s betrayal of the US military and our national security continues with persecution, marginalization, and purging of service members who choose to exercise their Constitutional rights to refuse the experimental covid shots and those who apply for religious exemptions to traditional vaccines as well.

Threatening to revoke security clearances, which limits career options and advancement and is devastating to morale, is the latest in a long line of shadow policies and tactics by senior military commanders to threaten service members and coerce them into accepting the experimental COVID shots and suddenly preventing religious exemptions for traditional vaccines.

Our open borders, and no vetting of the illegals flooding into America, while concurrently offering a path to citizenship through military service is another dire threat to our national security, explains retired Military JAG attorney and civilian attorney specializing in military administrative and defense law, Davis Younts, Esq.

The military, without public awareness, has also begun a campaign to label men with traditional views on male roles and marriage, and men who are confident in their masculinity as “risks” for sexual assault.  Attorney Younts points out he obvious point –the military needs strong men to carry out military duties in combat—basic principle that Biden’s DoD ignores in their “woke” and radical ideology.

Davis Younts has fought diligently in the courts of law, both civilian and military, for our service members’ rights to be upheld. In our show today he describes in detail  the DoD’s ongoing threats to our military readiness and national security with the catastrophic loss of highly trained and experienced service members across all branches of the Armed Forces.  The damage to our military readiness is coming from losses of troops due to 1) medical injury/illness and death due to the COVID shots, reducing those fit enough to deploy and increasing those being medically “boarded out” of the military, 2) over 100,000 service members who left the military (not re-enlisting, early retirement, resigning commissions, etc.) and 3) those actively administratively and unlawfully terminated for refusing the COVID shots.

Remember this legal fight for the Navy SEALS who were told to “Get the Shot or Get OUT of the Military?”   This fight is NOT over and we need a lot of prayer. THIS is where the fight for religious freedom in the military started.

Combat readiness is directly related to physical fitness. As Asa Miller reported on October 19, 2023, nearly 66% of our military personnel are currently overweight or more alarmingly, are seriously obese based on body mass index.  Th US Navy is the worse among the Armed Forces, with a shocking obesity rate of 27% and only one annual fitness test. This frequency is inadequate, as it takes only a few weeks to lose combat-ready physical fitness and strength.

These findings raise major concerns about military discipline and have severe implications for the observed escalating medical problems across the military—insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, musculoskeletal injuries, and hypogonadism (low testosterone) –all of which are exponentially higher in the obese. The deteriorating health of our service members directly impacts their readiness, and ultimately our national security. For more details, read the analysis by reporter Asa Miller here:

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