Becoming A Free American: Exiting the Corporation USA

What is the difference between being a citizen of The United States of America, versus being an American State National?  Do you know the difference between the corporation of the United States and America, the Constitutional Republic (known simply as The Republic)? What difference do these designations make in terms of your freedom, your obligation to pay taxes, and various other constraints on your life? Our guest expert on becoming an American State National, Ann Vandersteel, has herself exited the Corporation of the United States created in 1971, and has officially become an American State National, with re-issued documents for this designation.  Ann provides a clear explanation of these differences, describes her experiences coming and going through Customs as an American State National instead of as a citizen, and provides an important step by step guide of the processes involved for those who want to pursue becoming a free American. For those who need reliable guidance, and/or would like to engage experts to handle the paperwork, go to for assistance in this entire process.

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