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The Truth About 15 Minutes Cities and the Electronic Prison

A critically important interview with international attorney Todd Callender, and Israel News host Tamar Yonah. Listen here:

Quoting Todd Callender, Esq: “15-minute cities are already in existence – Cleveland (Ohio) is our first 15 minute city and there are a dozen right behind it. England already has some as well as other European countries. The prison is already built folks. The only question is whether we will walk through those prison doors to never emerge again. Please think long and hard on this. If we go down this road, it is IRREVERSABLE and a one-way trip for you and all those who come behind you. Same goes for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Once CBDC it’s being used, we will never again have the freedom to buy or sell anything we desire. ‘You will own nothing and be happy.’ Note this is a command statement, not a proposition – similar to the words on the entrance sign to Auschwitz – ‘work is freedom’.

“We are all under attack; humanity is marked for extinction or transformation into a slave species. We know because we have all of the evidence, we entered it into the official court record in Robert v. Austin and our government NEVER denied our accusations. Instead, they convinced the Court that they should not allow us to have our day in court and dismissed the case for lack of jurisdiction. They ran away from these allegations and it took them 6 months to make that decision. They know, we know, the world now knows what Covid was really about and NOT ONE of those people in our government, actually ANY government, is willing to stop the enslavement plan. In fact, they’re running as fast as they can to accomplish it as evidenced by 15-minute cities already in existence (see above). Dear Lord, please help us all share these thoughts with humanity so that we can save your children from Lucifer’s plan to destroy all that you have made. Amen.

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