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FAITH OVER FEAR – 07.11.23 – CONNECTING THE DOTS ~ WHAT’S BEHIND WHAT’S COMING? Your action steps to prepare.

Presented by:
Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD. Preventive and Climacteric Medicine
Kathy Kresnik, Director of Health and Resilience

How are all the events we face now connected to a classified plan put forth by Henry Kissinger for the US Govt in 1974? Dr. Vliet connects the dots to show connections with today. And then…What if you lost electricity, communications and water for 5 days in the summer heat? Are you prepared? Listen to what happened to two of our TFH team who just went through that difficult situation during the recent tornadoes in the heat of a Texas summer. What is involved to get through it? What can you do? Are you prepared? Tips on surviving from two who just did, and what they learned for next time!

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