COVID-19 Shots: “Willful Misconduct” Lawsuit Against Department of Defense

Trail-blazing lawsuit against the Department of Defense (DoD) has been filed, charging the DoD with “Willful Misconduct” as a result of the damage and deaths from the unlawfully mandated experimental Covid-19 injections.

Willful misconduct is the allegation being laid out by the Watts Estate vs. The Department of Defense (Lloyd Austin III SECDEF) lawsuit.

George Watts was a 24-year-old man who died from a Covid-19 vaccine which induced his life-ending myocarditis as determined by the medical examiner during George Watts’ autopsy.

The lawsuit alleges that the DoD should be held accountable for never delivering an FDA-approved Covid-19 vaccine even though the DoD, via Operation Warp Speed, was responsible for the logistical distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine products. Like all Americans –civilian and military—George Watts received an Emergency Use Authorized Covid-19 injection that had unlimited liability protections under the Prep Act. The lawsuit charges that the “bait and switch” tactics employed by the DoD were the willful misconduct that resulted in George Watts’ tragic death.

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