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Monkeypox Ahead of WHO Vote: More Fear Plandemic Underway

Originally Published on America Out Loud

The story in the media is disingenuous. Headlines exaggerate the risk to people in America, Europe, Canada, and Australia. These G7 wealthy countries are the lucrative targets for selling more vaccines and the targets of the World Health Organization’s takeover of public health control.

Unless you have been living under a rock since January 2020, you know that the WHO takeover of control of the COVID response in March 2020 has been the justification for the shredding of our freedom under the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. When Tedros declared a “global pandemic” in March 2020, that led to the US declaration of a national public health emergency used to control every institution in our society: schools, churches, and small businesses were closed at the direction of Anthony Fauci in response to the WHO directives.

People were locked down, masked up, and subjected later to experimental gene therapy shots in violation of informed consent rights and the Nuremberg Code preventing experimentation on humans without their explicit consent. People were fired from jobs, banned from the military, and banned from travel – all in unprecedented violation of human and civil rights guaranteed under the US Constitution. 

Lawlessness has prevailed. And now we see the same playbook starting over again as the “global predators” pressure the wealthy, successful first-world countries to cede their sovereignty to WHO and round up people like cattle into the box canyon of more vaccines.

DrLee4America and guest Nicole Landers, legal nurse consultant and COVID Strategy Team Nurse Director for Truth for Health Foundation, discuss the latest shenanigans by the mainstream media and globalists seeking totalitarian control with their playbook of fear-mongering headlines about the “explosion of Monkeypox,” …a fear tactic to pressure the wealthy western democracies to vote to support WHO takeover of individual countries sovereignty in a “declared” public health emergency…and to scare the public into taking yet another new, experimental vaccine. 

In fact, rather than spending urgently needed money to secure our southern border from being flooded with illegals from around the world carrying many diseases, the Biden Administration has just ordered $119 million dollars worth of a new monkeypox vaccine based on one confirmed case in the US, and only six “suspected” cases based on an unconfirmed spread from cases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa, where the monkeypox virus has been known to cause outbreaks since the 1970s.

Time to get loud, get involved, and STOP the loss of our freedoms. Go to Truth for Health Foundation for more information on action steps and resources to help protect you and your family from the latest plandemic.

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