Transhumanism: Globalists’ End Game Attack on God’s Design

The Pandora’s Box of Transhumanism has been thrown wide open and now rapidly transforming our world to force on the entire planet the global elites’ dream to merge technology, artificial intelligence programs, and genetic engineering to create “super humans” –or worse, robotic humans—that seek to transform people into gods and overcome our human limitations.

The Biblical definition of transhumanism is that it is Satan’s plan to destroy God’s design of humanity by deforming it into something that can no longer communicate with our Creator.

But the Machelliavellian minds of the likes of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, John Kerry, and the entire WEF/WHO cabal don’t plan to stop with just altering God’s design of human beings. Their diabolical destructive plan is to alter all life and the ecology and climate of the planet itself-even to block the sun.

The forces coming to bear on this Agenda 2030 plan to alter God’s design of life on this planet have four goals:

  • global control of wealth and property
  • global control of food and fuel supplies
  • global control of the number of people alive on the planet
  • global control of the means of exchange – i.e., Central Bank-controlled digital currency (CBDC).

Most of this framework is already in place: WHO control of public health and gene-altering “vaccines” for people resulting in worldwide disability, deaths, and infertility; use of mRNA gene therapy “vaccines” for food crops and livestock to; “climate change” as the rationale for geoengineering; control of supply chains to affect access to food and commodities; and roll-out of CBDC already in Europe that controls what we can buy or how we move around in daily life.

From the Biblical or spiritual perspective, transhumanism goes as far back as the Garden of Eden when Satan, disguised as the serpent, told Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, transcending her humanness to become all-knowing God.

The 20th century brought the ages-old dream to make gods of man into popular awareness with two seminal books: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and Future Shock by Alvin Toffler. This was further elaborated in the 1983 Transhumanist Manifesto that describes the vision as– “I am the architect of my existence,” which in effect means man as god. In 1985 the military began the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA), launched to research means of developing super-soldiers, such as the early project called an “exoskeleton warfare suit.”

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