Airline Abuses of Employees and EEOC Cover-up

Major US airlines have systematically violated the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 in massive abuses of their employees’ human and civil rights with the unlawful COVID mandates for masking, testing, and firing employees who exercised their Constitutional rights and refused the experimental EUA COVID injections. Delta Flight Attendant Laurie Parke and American Airlines Pilot, Captain Bahig Saliba, share their story of abuse and retaliation by their employers and the EEOC cover-up and failure to act on EEOC complaints that the EEOC’s own investigators ruled as legitimate for further EEOC action.

In the words of Laurie Parke: “My company used false claims and allegations to justify terminating my employment. My company violated its own rules and policies in an attempt to create a false narrative and discriminatory reasoning for its actions. In late October 2021, I submitted a medical waiver for an exemption from the vaccine and the $200 a month fee they were going to impose on ALL employees that did not get the shot. January 6, 2022, I filed an EEOC claim against my company for their vax mandate, $200 a month fine, and the discriminatory actions that were being applied to employees that did not get the vax.” Then on Monday, April 18th, 2022, Laurie was assigned to a flight from Boston to Detroit and was in the process of boarding passengers when the ramp agent began harassing her. “…they went straight to the fact that I was not wearing a mask. They stated that my company had not lifted their policy as of yet, and I was to comply. Even though almost every other airline had done so already, they harassed, threatened, and berated me in front of my first-class passengers. I eventually took the mask, and we left the gate. Moments later, they called us back to take me off the aircraft, then decided not to because they had no one to replace me there. I continued on to Detroit, and moments after landing, my company announced they no longer had a mask policy. I was still removed from the remainder of my trip and had to find my own way home. Within ten days, I was brought into my supervisor’s office and once again accused of false accusations pertaining to the mask noncompliance, not a word about the ramp agent or the photo they were accusing me of having. When I asked them, they shrugged it off as if it never happened. By mid-June 2022, I was eventually terminated for untrue accusations and false statements from my company. My words were twisted to fit their narrative, and that was the end of it.” To add further damage, the EEOC, to this day, has failed to act on her valid complaint.

After an exemplary career with American Airlines and an impeccable safety record, Capt. Saliba is still prevented from returning to his duties as a pilot and is currently suing American Airlines and the Pilot’s Union for their violations of law, including the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 and the pilots’ contract with the people of America and their right to transit the airways of America. See also this American Airlines flight attendant story:

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