FREEDOM REPORT: Pottinger and the Hidden Hands Behind the Empire and Takedown of Jeffrey Epstein

J. Stanley Pottinger is best known today as one of the most prominent lawyers representing victims of infamous billionaire intelligence asset and pedophile sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein. As a former member of the Nixon and Ford administrations, J. Stanley Pottinger has also played a central role in some of the most infamous official cover-ups to take place over the last 50 years—including Watergate, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Iran Contra, Kent State, the “October Surprise” and now Jeffrey Epstein. Prepare yourself, for this series won’t only expose Pottinger’s extremely influential and close relationship to government, the Republican Party and the CIA, it will also rewrite what we thought we knew about the dark forces behind this phase of American history.

Read the full article The Pottinger Identity: The Road to the Takedown of Jeffrey Epstein By Johnny Vedmore via NEWSPASTE Original 

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