Kiss of Judas: How COVID Mandates Weaponized Compassion

Compassion, which means to suffer with someone, is a Christian ideal that, during COVID lockdowns and mandates, became twisted, co-opted, and weaponized by the globalists’ political agenda to destroy the American Constitution. Employing calculated psychological manipulation of Christians through “compassion for others,” power-hungry globalists seeking to destroy America calculatedly used Covid mandates to accelerate authoritarianism and government control of every aspect of our lives. The end game has been mass vaccination for alteration of God’s design of the human genome, ultimately leading to massive depopulation that has been planned since Henry Kissinger’s 1974 classified report for the US government. Millions have died of the experimental COVID shots, and millions more are severely vaccine-injured—the “walking wounded.” Without unified resistance against this evil, our lives will never return to the old “normal.

Using the COVID mandates to weaponize compassion and sow divisiveness, families, churches, and communities have been torn apart on many fronts: politics, science, culture, and religious beliefs/ideals. Hate is rising, and angry attacks, even on family members, have led to undermining the very fabric that has held this nation together for over 400 years. Tyranny is everywhere, and Truth has been suppressed by lies and deceptions orchestrated by those in power following the stolen election of 2020. The American spirit has been battered into submission to a diabolical agenda that leads to global control under a Marxist WHO and WEF. The Church in America has been largely silent against the rampant evil and anti-Christian spirit assaulting us.

Military CBRN expert and student of Biblical prophecy, Major Mike Gary, explains the Biblical basis of what we see around us in Hosea 4:6: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” Jonathan Pageau recently coined the phrase “Weaponized Compassion” and uses the examples of Judas in Scripture and the 2016 film called ‘Silence’ as stark demonstrations of this pattern that can help us to recognize it in our world today. Watch his commentary here to help prepare for future spiritual attacks

The solution explained throughout the Bible is repentance and a turning from our sins that include perversion of Christian compassion, turning away from and mocking God’s Truth. Only through identifying mistakes can one actually fix them. It is simple, yet difficult. Many are still operating in the blindness and deception perpetrated by propaganda spewed at us daily. The majority of our leaders in government still demonstrated a deep-seated denial that the COVID mandates were wrong on Constitutional, medical and moral grounds. We urge all to read John 12: 1-8 for the Biblical discussion of the “Kiss of Judas” and weaponized compassion to help us all avoid repeating this distortion of the Christian message.

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