Vaccine Report: Big Pharma’s mRNA Shots Coming After Your T-Cells and Food

Big Pharma’s relentless assault with gene-changing technologies continues with today’s discussion using our T-Cell immunity pathways and “edible vaccines” in vegetables and livestock (pigs, cattle, chickens, lamb), milk, and eggs as the latest vehicles to get the synthetic mRNA into our bodies – whether we want it or not. Part I discusses the brand new published research on T-Cell mRNA technology –published by BionTech itself before clinical trials completed and before any open source, independent peer review of their findings. Part II discusses the alarming accelerating efforts to permeate our food supply—meats and vegetables—with “edible” mRNA vaccines that are not disclosed to the public in full transparency.

BionTech’s new study of T-cell gene therapy, in a highly unusual advertising approach for a prestigious research journal, was just released on line (to be published in the May 25thprint issue) inthe preeminent journal Cell, announced development of a new mRNA vaccine for Covid-19. BionTech’s new gene therapy target takes aim at our T-cell (humoral) immune response to the virus. This is the primary part of our immune system that helps protect against cancers, as well as viruses. The new agent -Bnt162b4-is designed to express several other SARS-CoV2 proteins as a ‘booster’ dose as a means to stimulate T-cell attack against virus infected cells. It is already in Phase 1 clinical trials. Bnt162b4 encodes a complex molecule, and the potential for unexpected side effects is high. Particularly in light of proteins from SARS-CoV2 being able to form or induce insoluble protein clumps celled amyloid. In layman’s terms, this means that SARS-CoV2, or vaccines expressing proteins from the virus, could trigger diseases that involve prion-like proteins including Creuzfeld-Jakob disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease/ALS etc. LNPs for Bnt162b2 cross into the brain and are known to cause damage to the brain. There is a significant risk that Bnt162b4willcause even more brain damage, in the light of what is known fromBnt162b2.

The “COVID Shot”, known as Bnt162b2,contained the mRNA instructions to trigger the body to make the spike protein portion of SARS-CoV-2 virus. And the data has been unequivocal about how damaging the spike protein has been to the human body that is tricked into continuing to make more and more of this toxic protein, added to the damage from the toxic lipid nanoparticle (LNP) coating that gets the mRNA across the blood-brain barrier into the brain and spinal cord, and also drives the mRNA across the placental barrier to damage the placenta and developing baby.

Americans and the people of the world are being used as one vast human experiment by global governments, Big Pharma and the WHO-WEF elites who are all in violation of the World War II Nuremberg Code to protect against experimenting on people without their consent. Humanity and God’s design of all life—plant, animal, and human—are under attack from all directions unless We The People stand against this evil. References cited in today’s program may be found here:


Here are two papers discussing the amyloid properties of SARS-CoV2 proteins that are damaging to the brain, contributing to accelerated neurodegenerative disorders:


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Jonathan Gilthorpe PhD is an Associate Professor in Cell and Molecular Biology who graduated with First Class Honors in Microbiology from the University Leeds, U.K. His career path has been decidedly tangential rather than vertical –driven largely by his interest in, well –almost anything and everything! Jonathan’s first research experience in Virology at Leeds University led him towards a postgraduate degree in gene regulation during embryonic development, graduating with a Ph.D. in Anatomy from the National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill/University College London, U.K. Based on a love and aptitude for research and an affinity for free thinking, Jonathan gravitated towards a long postdoctoral period at the MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, Guy’s Hospital,King’s College London working on the development of brain regions in chicken and zebrafish and driving a Caterham 7. He has worked extensively with different types of viruses as research tools and has a deep understanding of molecular and cell biology. A chance meeting at a conference in Keystone, Colorado led Jonathan to a sabbatical period at Stanford University, U.S., where he developed his expertise in neurobiology/neuroscince and advanced microscopy. After returning to London in 2003 and moving to Sweden in 2008, driven largely by occupational allergies to animal models that he worked with, he shifted his research focus towards the molecular mechanisms of human neurodegenerative disease. He lives and works in Sweden, is only allergic to certain humans, and has been a member of the Swedish non-profit organization The Physicians Appeal (Läkaruppropet) since 2021.His publications and other resources can be found on the website which is linked to his Rumble Channel.

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