Legal Report:Pilots Speak Out United Airlines Sued for Unlawful COVID Vaccine Mandates

Pilots, flight attendants, customer service agents, mechanics, and ramp agents have bravely stood together against United Airlines’ human and civil rights violations with their unlawful COVID vaccine mandates that also violate FAA regulations and the Nuremberg Code prohibiting forced experimentation on human beings. These courageous employees refused to be bullied into violating their beliefs and injecting experimental gene therapy shots into their bodies.

Today’s program features the three lead plaintiffs, all United Airlines pilots with former military flying experience: Tom Anderson, Tom Floyd, and Jim Zietlow to discuss the UAL lawsuit representing 30 plaintiffs challenging United Airlines against their illegal vaccine mandate, religious discrimination, hostile work environment/constructive discharge and United Airlines State Actor collusion with the US Government.

“Our group, fondly known as Gideons Army, filed a lawsuit against United Airlines on January 19, 2023. We are standing against the discriminatory action taken by United Airlines and, in doing so, demand that this type of overreaching medical and religious abuse will never happen again. This case will set a precedent for future companies who try to forcibly mandate employees to take any medical procedure in order to continue their employment. Our rights were violated; we were unjustly harassed and coerced by United Airlines.”

The United Airlines plaintiff group is named Wings for Liberty and Justice. Their mission statement says: “As a group of current and former United Airlines employees, we are seeking justice against the unconstitutional vaccine mandate imposed in August 2021. The choice between “Jab or Job” violated our rights under Title Vll of The Constitution of the United States. The repercussions of United Airlines’ mandate, or those who refused to conform, were harsh. We were either placed on an unpaid indefinite leave of absence or, in some cases, terminated.”

The group is also reaching out to our local and congressional representatives and senators for help in any action that might further our case and goal. They invite elected representatives to meet with them as we seek to further our cause and gain support to ensure that unlawful mandates are not again used to weaponize the workplace against employees for a political agenda and Big Pharma profits over people.

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