Military Report: Biden Sabotaged National Biodefense With Opposite Actions

Col. James Zietlow, USAF (Ret.), and Major Mike Gary, military CBRN expert, discusses how the carefully developed 2018 National Biodefense Strategic Plan was badly sabotaged under the Biden Administration’s unlawful and tyrannical mandates that were never intended in the original 2018 plan nor the earlier 2007 Department of Defense Global Pandemic Influenza Plan.

In fact, the Biden Administration’s actions were diametrically opposite those carefully constructed steps in the original Biodefense Strategy.

Then when Biden announced the “end of the pandemic,” administration officials perpetrated yet another fraud on the American people: they surreptitiously rewrote the original national biodefense strategy to make it conform to the damaging steps they had implemented with the illegal mandates for the COVID shots announced by Biden officials in August 2021. Biden officials also removed the governance section, which required all stakeholders to have participated in the plan and included a biodefense steering committee of top officials from multiple agencies.

Had this occurred, the illegal mandates using EUA vaccines would have been rejected since it was never a part of the plan. The Biden administration was forced to finally halt the mandates due to the deauthorization of the original vaccines, but without telling the American people any of the truth and without any apologies for treating their citizens as guinea pigs.

The unlawful actions of the Biden Administration are even more serious than failing to implement the National Biodefense Plan: Attorney Todd Callender and his lead researcher Lisa McGee have documented that most of the top officials in the Biden Administration–including Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin—have defective, invalid oaths of office and their actions are illegal.

We The People must stand against this tyranny and hold our officials accountable. We cannot accept such restrictions on our freedom and assault on our way of life for any future “pandemic” being used to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

For more details on the Biden Administration malfeasance, read:

For more details on Col.Zeitlow’s background and his analysis of the original Biodefense Plan compared with what was done during the COVID pandemic, please read:

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Image: Reuters

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