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Stupidocrisy: Many lies and a truth

How many lies can be told by the government, news media, and big business? Let me count the lies. Really, there is no end to them. Reaching back to the Obama years, the lies that the government has pushed on the American people, and the news media, as the fourth estate, has supported these lies, and big business has used them to make money, We The People have been duped. Obama said if you like your doctor, you can keep him. Big insurance and the news media said that socialized healthcare would be less expensive and would fix a broken system. Congress ruined the best healthcare system in the world and people still don’t have health insurance, but government medical protocols are forced upon all.

How about Islam being the religion of peace? Obama was so committed to Islam that he encouraged Arab Spring, where radical Islam was allowed to overthrow stable governments across the Middle East, Iran was able to accelerate nuclear development, and Israel’s prime minister had to walk past White House garbage on his way to a meeting which the president stood him up. Here’s another good one—Donald Trump is a criminal because he had classified documents in his personal possession. Hillary Clinton had classified emails on an unsecured server in her closet. Joe Biden had classified documents stashed behind his corvette in his garage. No story here.

Millions and years were spent on the Mueller Investigation to prove President Trump was essentially a Russian agent, am I exaggerating? The FBI and Hillary Clinton went to great lengths to conjure up the Russian story, which the news media refused to even listen to an alternative view. Trump was impeached for threatening to withhold military funding for Ukraine unless it looked into the Hunter Biden dealings. The FBI withheld the Hunter Biden laptop and the mainstream news media covered up the story as a hoax. This laptop, that was a hoax, is proving that Joe Biden is a compromised president with both China and Ukraine. What of the fact that Hillary Clinton was selling her influence as Secretary of State to Russia, and Russia was pumping tens of millions into the Clinton Foundation? Oh, that’s just a lie, but it was true.

Then comes COVID. Everyone that said it was leaked out of a Chinese lab was ridiculed. Well. The guy directing the disease response, Dr. Anthony Fauci, led the charge promoting the wet market bat theory. Then he co-writes a paper saying COVID likely was leaked from a lab. What about following the science? Government mandated protocols (socialist healthcare) killed multitudes while alternative treatments saved lives. Yet that “science” was censored. Government, media and big business said the vaccine was safe and effective. Anyone who said it wasn’t was marginalized. Now study after study proves it was neither safe nor effective. The list of lies goes on. But here is a truth: Christ says in John 8:44, the devil “is a liar, and the father of it.” Learn to discern the lies. Those who don’t, are part of the, say it with me…Stupidocrisy.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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