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A COVID Survival Miracle and A Testament to Faith and Courage

In an incredible 98-day journey through the COVID valley of the shadow of death, 63-year-old Doug Hines was released from the “prison” of isolation, mechanical ventilation, and the toxicity of Remdesivir. He still has a long journey of arduous recovery ahead. He faces dialysis due to kidney damage as a known complication of Remdesivir. Still, the fact that he even survived this ordeal is a true miracle and a testament to the family’s strong faith, courageous advocacy, persistence, steadfastness in the face of such adversity, and to their love.

Join Dr. Vliet, Nurse Nicole Landers, and Doug’s daughter Ashley Gunderson for this remarkable story. In this season leading up to the miracle of Easter, God’s gift of life for Doug Hines inspires us all that miracles still occur every day if we only open our eyes and hearts to them.

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