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COVID Q & A with Dr. Peter McCullough #12

The FEAR campaign continues, creating more confusion as truth is fleeting amongst political and media operatives. Along with President Biden’s ‘dark winter’ comments, the President and the CDC continue to push the ‘shot-in-every-arm’ vaccine campaign. Enter the Omicron Variant, which has already proven to be largely targeting vaccinated people. Considering the risks involved with vaccines, and the fact that Omicron appears to be a blessing⏤why are Americans still being coerced into vaccine mandates? We’ll explain more about that blessing and answer a record number of questions on the twelfth Q & A with Dr. Peter McCullough and Malcolm Out Loud.

Here at America Out Loud, we are receiving a tremendous number of questions and comments on a daily basis, and are doing our best to get the answers back into your hands. Dr. Peter McCollough will be joining Malcolm Out Loud in the weeks ahead on the Voice of a Nation to bring a series of these highly important Q & A’s to the airwaves. Dr. Peter McCullough is an academic internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist from Dallas, TX. Dr. McCullough is considered among the world’s top experts on COVID-19 pandemic response.

Here are a few examples of the kind of questions that we will address on the program today, and much more:

– I’m confused. Please help. This was a Q & A on CNN on 12/26. “If you have had Covid-19 before, please still get vaccinated,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said, citing research published during a Delta variant surge. “This study shows you are twice as likely to get infected again if you are unvaccinated.” I thought one had lifetime immunity once getting covid. I’ve already had Covid-19. Can I still get infected with the Omicron variant?

– Dr. McCullough said on the Joe Rogan interview, he had Covid but had also taken a vaccine/shot and a booster after having Covid. He also said you couldn’t get Covid twice. So why did he get vaccinated?

– My diabetic uncle in Spokane, WA, tested positive with Covid a week ago and was just moved into the ICU due to difficulty breathing. They are pushing remdesivir and antibiotics, but he just keeps getting worse. Is there any chance that you can point my family in the right direction, whether it’s another doctor/facility we can contact there who will administer Ivermectin or what my family can say at the hospital to demand they treat him with it? I know it’s probably a long shot, but I figured I would try.

– RE: a quote from a paper on the creation of SARS-CoV-2: “Motives aside, the following facts about SARS-CoV-2 are well-supported: 1. If it was a laboratory product, the most critical element in its creation, the backbone/template virus (ZC45/ZXC21), is owned by military research laboratories.” QUESTION…. Would natural immunity include antibodies/neutralization of the “military patented backbone/template virus,” possibly neutralizing its “weapon” value as a template for future bioweapons through conferring broad immunity?

– I had a cold and minor cough. About 5 days into my illness, I checked for Covid 19 antigens. I ran the test twice, and it was positive twice. I had none of the usual Covid symptoms. Honestly, I was extremely surprised it was positive. I tried calling several of the online doctors, but nobody called me back. How accurate are the Covid 19 antigen tests? If they’re not accurate, how do I find out for sure if I had Covid?

– My father has been in the hospital in Pennsylvania with ‘Covid pneumonia’ and almost died since no one would give him the Ivermectin. He was diagnosed with Covid and went to the ER, and is being discharged tomorrow. He still will need oxygen 24-7. The hospital gave my father remdesivir for 5 days when he got there. Will Ivermectin help my dad when he gets home from the hospital? No doctor could get it for him until he was discharged. What would you recommend at this point?

– I tested positive for Covid-19 & I’ve taken Ivermectin for 3 days with not much improvement. I have not been vaccinated, so can I or should I change to Hydroxychloroquine?

– Love the show. I am a 48-year-old who stays in shape. Lifts, weights, and runs. I got the Pfizer shot 2 months ago. My heart feels like someone is holding it and squeezing it gently. I hope it is in my head. However, is there a blood test to see if I got an injury from the vax? I have not got the second one, and I am concerned that I could damage further. Is there any kind of test?

– Does Dr. McCullough recommend Monoclonal Therapy such as Regeneron?

– In Dr. Mercola’s newsletter a few days ago that included an interview with you and Dr. Al Johnson, you were talking about myocarditis. You mentioned a study that seemed to show that the nanoparticles from the shot go into the heart, and the cells begin producing spike protein, and then the immune system attacks the cells. Can you say where that study can be found?

As promised, here is that study:

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