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Whistleblower Report – 2.3.2023

Critical changes in military training are occurring that are actually contrary to their stated goals, and undermine the Judeo-Christian foundation on which America was founded, and the code of military ethics and Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is based. Army Captain, Chaplain Chad Booth describes what is happening in the military training that parallels the “woke” indoctrination widespread in our civilian culture, but with a uniquely military application that paints an ominous picture of what lies ahead ⏤ using spirituality to turn military service members into better weapons of war, rather than focusing on strengthening personal relationship with our Creator.

Corruption of the use of spiritual training parallels the corruption of medical ethics in hospitals, and the corruption of corporations now dictating experimental medical treatments like the COVID shots for people to continue their careers and employment. A clear example how this destructive and dangerous trend can lead to deadly consequences was exposed in the Project Veritas undercover videos released January 26 and 27 describing in chilling detail Pfizer’s research plans for “Directed Evolution” to create more lethal viruses and use that to preemptively develop “vaccines” to continue their windfall profits.

Dr.Lee4America and Chaplain Booth give their hard-hitting views that go to the root cause, bypassing wokeness and giving real-life preventive measures to serious problems such as suicide, mental disorders, extremism, abuse, sexual harassment, gender dysphoria to shift the focus back to the Army’s traditional core values of respect for others and treating others the way God intended them to be treated.

“Telling a Soldier to simply change as they stare down the lonely abyss of depression doesn’t work. Training people that sexual harassment and assault is a bad thing does not help soldiers treat others with dignity and respect. Showing one-sided extremist groups does not help identify it nor dissuade horrible decisions from being made. Empowering people who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder to fulfill that disorder does not help treat the mental disorder,” said Chaplain Booth.

The road to recovery and spiritual strength, with a healthy mental outlook, in every one of these areas, starts with admittance of a problem and active steps for individually tailored treatment approaches – not more classes in “sensitivity training.” Instilling hope, and teaching the skills for psychological hardiness and resiliency, helps to ensure healthy troops that are able to function under the stress and demands of deployments, particularly when called to combat. Our volunteer military, who took an Oath to serve America as one Nation under God, deserve no less.

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