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America’s Beacon of Hope to the World Starts with the Church

The Church — Protestant and Catholic — is under assault by those determined to undermine the Judeo-Christian principles on which America and most Western civilization have been founded. The future of the Christian faith in the Western world, in particular, seems to be hanging on by a thread, with religious freedom under constant attack from all of our major institutions – government, medicine, public health, judiciary and law, media, and technology, and even the long-standing and very insidious infiltration within the churches themselves of an anti-Christian, anti-Biblical messaging that is undermining the very foundation of Christian faith that inspired our Founders.

Many who call themselves “Christians” are functionally illiterate about the basic teachings of the Bible and don’t even realize that much of what is espoused in today’s “feel-good” prosperity preaching in our churches really isn’t consistent with the teachings of the Old and New Testament.

DrLee4America and Co-Host Bill Wilson, founder, and Pastor of the non-denominational Living Spring Church in Frederick, Maryland, will be leading the FAITH Report each week, bringing in many voices and experts from a variety of fields exposing the ways our faith and connection with God is being eroded, and ways to help people begin to strengthen and restore this faith connection that is so fundamental to not only healthy individuals, but a healthy moral society and a vibrant America to remain a beacon of hope for the world.

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