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Whistleblower Report – 2.23.2023

Army FRAGO 38 Shows DoD Attorneys’ Perjury in Court

Department of Defense lawyers actually made false statements (perjury) in court, stating there is no continuing retribution against our military service members over the Covid vaccine mandates. Army Fragmentary Order (FRAGO) 38, the new directive from the Army, itself contradicts these statements by the DoD attorneys to the Judge.

Our military service member guests explain there is a shadow policy in the US Military. The Department of Defense says one thing in court and to the public and to Congress, and then there are the “shadow policy” directives that are the reality our military service members face.

Our guests today, US Army Colonel and Army Chaplain Brad Lee, US Army Captain Seth Ritter, and Major Mike Gary, collectively have 67 years of military service to America. They unravel the outright lies and deception taking place within our military. What’s worse, the continuation of the mandate is a continued plot to rid our military of men and women that share deep religious, moral, and ethical values, which are essential for our military to maintain a high standard of moral and ethical conduct. Without men and women like this, our military may be poised to become the next Red Army or Nazi Blitzkrieg that turns against America itself. 

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