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WMD First Responder, US Diplomat on Weaponized CV19 Injections

Many thousands of service members got duped into participating through various means of deceit, coercion, lies, and unlawful behavior by their leadership and medical personnel, in spite of their legal right to refuse any experimental medical treatment. Many have been damaged with adverse events from a “vaccine” that command claimed “safe and effective,” when the COVID shots have clearly been shown to be neither safe nor effective in preventing COVID illness or transmission.

WMD First Responder and US Diplomat reveal more details on the weaponization of CV19 Injections based on their experiences in different locations around the world during the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration. Hosts Freedom Fighter 1776 and Joseph Warren, with a combined total of 40+ years of military service, join guest Major Aaron Elliott, USAF, to disclose more of what is happening under the cloak of military secrecy.

Major Elliott is a multi-disciplined officer in various specialties such as intelligence, international affairs, and space operations, and he also has qualifications as a weapons of mass destruction first responder. Major Elliott also reports what happened to him after the unlawful DoD mandates to take the experimental Covid injections.

Whistleblowers also expose the devastating damage to the US Military due to the COVID injection mandates, and explain how the recent NDAA repeal of the CV19 “vaccine” does not repair this damage and provide for the restoration of our military strength.

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