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Father & Freedom Fighter Warns, COVID Shots Killed My Son!

Ernest Ramirez, who lost his son to fatal myocarditis five days after the Pfizer experimental COVID-19 injection, describes his motorcycle tour to alert parents to the dangers of the COVID shots and expose the lies and deceptions with media propaganda of “safe and effective.” Ernest pleads with parents to heed his warnings that these COVID shots are deadly and dangerous.

Ernest, on his own time and dime, has been traveling the country to medical freedom events, joining physicians and other speakers, to spread the message of truth about the masses of deaths and injuries from the COVID shots. His love and commitment to those who have been injured is palpable in his depictions of their stories. The vaccine-injured are dealing with the physical damage suffered from the injections, and then adding insult to injury, they are also dismissed by uncaring and apathetic physicians and complicit media who discount the injuries as simply “anxiety” and mental “stress” – in effect blaming the victims of massive fraud by our government’s deceit.

In addition to enduring the loss of his son, Ernest is continually censored by mainstream media and social media, corrupted by government incentives to push the fraudulent agenda with the deceitful mantra of “safe and effective.”

Our hosts Dr. Monique Robles, pediatric intensive care specialist and bioethicist, and Nurse Nicole Landers, join Ernest to urge all medical freedom fighters to speak out  and tell our government policymakers “NO MORE.” Our children’s lives depend on us not being silent.

For more information, go to Truth for Health Foundation website Download our Vaccine Injury Treatment Guide, file a Citizens Vaccine Injury Report, check our Parents Forum seminar archive, also medical and legal resources for help, sign up for newsletter alerts and join in the fight for medical freedom on all fronts.

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For more from Dr. Robles with medical updates on the COVID shots and emerging information on the attacks occurring on our children, visit

For more on Ernest Ramirez’s story and fight to warn parents, Go to to support Ernest in his message of truth.

For more on the stories of the victims of COVID-19 injections, visit

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