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Aliens, Gene Modification, and Transhumanism, Through the Lens of Scripture

Are you puzzled by reports of “alien” sightings on the rise lately? Are you concerned about the major push to “change genders” with men dressed up as women being given women’s awards, playing women’s sports, and sharing bathrooms with women? Have you been worried about all the changes to our human genes with the mRNA shots?

Did you know the Bible actually addressed all these topics as far back as Genesis chapter 3, “The Seed War,” and chapter 6, when God told Noah a flood was coming to cleanse the earth of sin, depravity, corrupted humans and fallen angels altering the human genome? Did you know that the efforts to change God’s design of humans to create a “pure” race began in America 120 years ago with Margaret Sanger and the Eugenics movement that later influenced Adolph Hitler’s drive to create the pure Aryan race? 

Listen to Nurse Nicole Landers and Dr. Vliet explain the Biblical perspective on all of these “strange” changes coming at us today from all directions.

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